Who can Homeopathy help?

The most frequent question I am asked is  “Who can homeopathy help?”

The holisitic approach used by Homeopathy means anyone can benefit from treatment. I have patients from the day they are born through to old age.

I consider myself very lucky to be a Homeopath as it allows me the luxury of time to hear and understand you and your health issues.

For me, your health is a jigsaw puzzle and we just need to put the right pieces together.

My plan is to try and put myself in your shoes so I can truly understand what is happening in your world.

Patients really appreciate the time and the understanding I give them. The more I know you the more likely it is I will find the right solution for you. We work together.



Why am I feeling unwell?

In my practice stress and anxiety are the presenting causes of ill health for many of my patients. It is my firm belief that if we look at our whole lives we can make a big difference to our well-being.

Stress disguises itself as
Anxiety, Sleep disturbances, Panic Attacks, Fatigue, Low energy, Allergies, Hormonal problems PMT or Menopause, Headaches, Migraines, Colds and Flu. Homeopathy is a holistic treatment, this means it considers every aspect of you. This includes all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. I believe that this demonstrates that  the answer to Who can Homeopathy Help? is everyone!

The reality is that any illness can be caused by stress. By stress I mean anytime your body is out of balance. Any illness therefore an expression of imbalance within you.

Can Homeopathy help children?

Absolutely!, Children respond very well to homeopathy. I have treated countless children with teething or colic troubles. It is a delight to see the relief it gives them.

Other conditions I have treated include:

Fears and phobias
Self harm
Skin issues

Babies and young children can be given liquid remedies. As they get a little older I have soft melt on the tongue tablets that they enjoy.

Children can express imbalance through illness the same way adults do. Any illness at any age can show you that something is not right within your body and well-being. So, again Homeopathy can Help Everybody!

My Daughter Loves Homeopathy

My daughter just loves her homeopathic pills, they have helped her through her teething, colds and tantrums. Whenever she sees the pills, she just claps her hands, opens her mouth and grins!

Homeopathy helps everybody Children love Homeopathy teething Colic

Homeopathy and Medication

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine and in most cases, homeopathy works happily alongside other medications. 

Over the years, I have worked successfully with patients taking a variety of medications. One patient reduced their Lithium intake signifcantly. 

I do not seek to replace your doctor. In fact, I actively encourage you to maintain a relationship with the medical profession. Homeopaths do not diagnose conditions. We do treat the symptoms as they present themselves in a patient. If a patient is on medication we do consider the relationship between medication and remedy and if we feel there is a conflict we will say so.