How I can help you

What is your body telling you?

Do you wonder what is your body is telling you? Your body tells your story and that story shows me how I can help you. I listen to your story and then decide where we need to work first.

There are a number of important factors I consider such as the impact of stress, emotional issues and anxiety. I will discuss diet and your work / life balance with you,

When we are busy working it is easy to just not look after ourselves. Family history and genes play an important role in our health and need to be understood as well as the other factors I have mentioned.

When I understand your story then we work together to find the right solutions for you,


What is your body telling you? How I can help you
Stress emotions anxiety Homeopathy Krysalis Wellbeing

Stress, emotions and anxiety

Are you stressed or anxious? What is your body telling you? If you are having trouble sleeping this is a sign of stress. Are you having stomach problems or feeling sick? again this is another sign of stress or anxiety.

At first people can find it hard to relate their feelings to their symptoms. From my many years of dealing with people I have found the body can be very literal in it’s expression,  it is communicating with you even if you are not listening! You may get a pain in your neck – because quite literally someone in your life is being a pain in the neck! My job is to help you understand what your body is telling you.

Homeopathy has helped me and many of my patients to deal with grief, anxiety, stress, relationship issues and much more.

Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid and more

Most of us recognise that lifestyle and modern living mean that we never switch off. We are constantly connected to the outside world. What is your body telling you about your busy lifestyle?

When we have pushed on and when we have not listened to what your body is telling you there are symptoms that appear. Exhaustion, burn out, extreme stress are the pre-cursors to Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid imbalances and much more

These conditions can creep up unnoticed. I know my thyroid became underactive a few years ago. It was as a direct result of constant ongoing stress. My body simply forced me to stop by leaving me hardly able to put one foot in front of another I was so tired. I have addressed this now but it makes me ever mindful of living with too much stress.

If you do not address these habits you could suffer adrenal fatigue, insulin imbalance in worst cases leading to diabetes, thyroid problems or other chronic illness.

Often we push ourselves too hard not recognising we need to stop or not knowing how to stop. Ultimately, we exhaust ourselves if we do not take time out. 

Homeopathic remedies can be extremely supportive in helping you find some balance again. Meditation and deep breathing are extremely effective tools for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid and more Homeopathy Krysalis Wellbeing

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We are what we eat. Comfort eating addictions to sugar and chocolate gluten free

We are what we eat

What is your body telling you about food? There is a strong relationship between food and our health.  Our eating patterns often reflect our emotional state. Some people comfort eat, sadly I am one of them so I know what a challenge it can be. However, it is a very obvious sign that something is not right in your world.

Eating the right foods can revolutionise your health. It is worth paying attention to what foods our bodies like and those they don’t tolerate. This is something I have experienced so I know it can be hard to identify the culprit. Equally, I know the difference it makes when you do!

I have been gluten free for several years and it has transformed my health. I am no longer having to deal with stomach problems. I have lost a lot of weight and I feel lighter both physically and mentally.

Sugar is my other challenge as it is for many people. Sadly, it is an acceptable addiction and yet one that does so much harm to the body.

Hydration is another vital aspect of health. Our bodies are made up of around 60 – 70% water. If we are not well hydrated our bodies simply cannot perform basic bodily functions.

Homeopathy can support you through dietary changes and where appropriate I will suggest different food choices and supplements.

How our genes affect our health

The holistic approach means taking everything into consideration this includes the health issues we inherit from our parents. Any child born to a parent with allergies is 25% more likely to have allergies themselves. If both parents have allergies then that increases to 50%.

However, because we are all unique we may not experience the same disease or symptoms as our parents. For example if a parent has hayfever the child may have eczema and in turn, their child may get asthma. These conditions are all related but we all express them in our own way.

Each person and their reactions need to be treated individually even if they have the same condition there is no guarantee they will need the same remedy. This is because the body will react and response in it’s own unique manner.

In a case of genetic inheritance like hayfever a person is susceptible to certain conditions. If the immune system is strong these symptoms may never express themselves or may only appear at times of duress.

For example, I have a patient who has an allergy it only appears when she has not looked after herself. She uses it as her cue to come and see me!

There are many influences from our genetic blueprint, I have chosen allergies as an example. Generally, like any other symptom genetic influences can be supported with appropriate remedies.