What can I expect from a consultation ?

Homeopathic Consultation Karen Ruancres Krysalis Wellbeing What to expect from a Homeopathic Consultation

What is a Consultation like?

You may wonder what can you expect from a consultation? If you haven’t been to a Homeopath before you may be unsure what to expect. So let me explain how I work; we will sit down and have a conversation.

The first thing I will want to know is what you need help with; there is always a reason why people make the decision to come and see me. It might be that you always use homeopathy and need some extra help.

Alternatively, you may have tried different things and now you want to try Homeopathy. More patients are now expressing an interest in what they put in their bodies and where it comes from. This attracts them to Homeopathy because it is a natural and sustainable medicine


The Practical Bits

I work on Zoom most often but I am happy to work on Skype or What’s App. What I do suggest is that you find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed during our meeting. The first consultation can take up to two hours.

Your prescription will be emailed to you after our consultation, it will advise you what remedies you need, how to care for the remedies and any other relevant information you may need.

Follow Up appointments tend to be a month or so after the first consultation. These sessions are shorter at 30 – 45 minutes. We will assess your progress and define a plan that meets your needs.

I adhere to the Society of Homeopaths code of ethics, your consultation is completely confidential and your information is stored securely.

Tried everything else try homeopathy
Support through the years

Karen, you have supported me through many years of challenges. You are always able to help me see the wood from the trees and I always feel so much clearer after our session. The remedies you give me help me through what is happening at the time. It is such a relief to have you there to support me and keep me well and sane. 

Mrs R E

You Know Me

You keep me healthy and have been looking after me for years. I do not know how you do it but you always ask the question that helps me see where my issue is. I thank you for understanding me and having patience with me when I can’t explain what is going on. Karen you are the reason I am so well and happy

Mr D J

You Hear Me

Karen you allow me time to talk about what is affecting me. I am listened to, and I am understood. You care and do not judge. I know I can tell you anything, it’s good being able to talk to someone who is not connected to my life it helps me get perspective. When I share how I feel you I know you give me a remedy that will help, Mrs R.A