What can I expect from a consultation ?

what is a homeopathic consultation like

What is a Consultation like?

You may wonder what can you expect from a consultation? If you haven’t been to a Homeopath before you will be unsure what to expect. So let me explain how I work; we will sit down and have a conversation.

The first thing I will want to know is what you need help with; there is always a reason why people make the decision to come and see me. It might be that you always use homeopathy and need some extra help.

Alternatively, you may have tried different things and now you want to try Homeopathy. More patients are now expressing an interest in what they put in their bodies and where it comes from. This attracts them to Homeopathy because it is sustainable and a green medicine.

During our session, you do not undress or lay on a couch, we just sit and chat in a comfortable relaxed environment. Your remedies will be sent to you by post and they will either be a tasteless liquid or little pills which I will instruct you on how to take. Homeopathic remedies are taken internally like food but unlike food there is no strong taste.

I help you to feel better – I listen

My first consultation with you will be up to two hours, I have the luxury of time. I believe this is important because we all need to be heard, it is vital to our wellbeing. I take the time to listen to and really understand my patients. What I hear from you helps me identify the right approach so that I can help you feel better.

Homeopathy is central to the way I work but we may focus on other areas such as lifestyle, diet, exercise or work first. Sometimes simple changes can make an enormous difference. It also allows us to see what needs addressing for you with remedies.

You may be in the midst of a life change and if this is the case we will prioritise what you need to work to deal with the situation.

We will work the way that suits you, the unique individual you are.

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i can help you achieve good gut health

My Experience

I have twenty years experience of homeopathy and within different areas of holistic healthcare including the nutrition sector. This allows me to focus on what you need to address first.

For some this may be achieving good gut health. Gut health is now recognised as a key part of our overall immunity. I know that I can help you improve your health and well-being because I experienced many gut issues through eating the wrong foods. I can guide you through the changes you need to make and how to do it.

Eating the right foods can transform your health; but even with a good diet you may still need supplements for additional support. I will advise you on the right supplements to help you correct any imbalances.



Watch this short video from 4 Homeopathy to understand more about how I work

Are you ready to meet me?

Great!, you have read enough and now you wanted to start your journey to your best health. I look forward to talking to you and meeting you soon.