What my clients say…

Assessing what is happening

Karen, you have supported me through many years of challenges. You are always able to help me see the wood from the trees and I always feel so much clearer after our session. The remedies you give me help me through what is happening at the time. It is such a relief to have you there to support me and keep me well and sane. 

Mrs R E

You know me

You keep me healthy and have been looking after me for years. I do not know how you do it but you always ask the question that helps me see where my issue is. I thank you for understanding me and having patience with me when I can’t explain what is going on. Karen you are the reason I am so well and happy

Mr D J

You hear me

Karen you allow me time to talk about what is affecting me. I am listened to, and I am understood. You care and do not judge. I know I can tell you anything, it’s good being able to talk to someone who is not connected to my life it helps me get perspective. When I share how I feel you I know you give me a remedy that will help,

Mrs A B

A safe place

You are totally professional, you create a safe space so you listen and I am heard. You explain and discuss the process of my treatment so I know what is happening and why. You are always prepared to be contacted between appointments to discuss any new problems or developments. This gives me confidence and a feeling of being cared for

Ms R T

Family care

You take care of each stage of childhood colic, teething, school anxieties and now the teenage years. You help me with female issues and emotions. I feel so much clearer now. My husband is much better now after your treatment. Thank you for keeping our family healthy

Mrs S J

You got me

Only two sessions with Karen but  that was all I needed. The remedies Karen chose for me are spot on. I have the so needed support and relief straight away. Feeling really grateful Karen for your skill and healing thank you

Mrs G.H