A Typical Meditation Class

by | Jul 9, 2017


Meditation - the beginning

My meditation class – the beginning. I describe each part of the class so you can hear what it is like.

Each class starts with deep breathing exercises to relax you and prepare for your meditation practice. We do a body scan too so you can identify where you are holding tension in your body.

We will do some focus exercises to help us improve our concentration before moving on to our guided journeys


Meditation - the main part

In the main part of my meditation class we journey to many different places. Sometimes we will go to hidden gardens or maybe an aztec temple.

Each journey is different each time and for everyone in the class. It is a personal experience. Sometimes, you will follow your own path but that’s ok.

In some classes we practice mindfulness.  We do some fun and enjoyable practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.



Meditation - grounding you

At the end of each session particularly if we have been on some journeys we need to be sure we are grounded and back on planet earth! Each session we do a grounding meditation and then we practise Metta. Metta is a Buddhist practice of kindness, benevolence and goodwill. It is a very positive way to end the evening

A sample of breathing work

by Karen Runacres | Waterfall Breath


A short meditative journey

by Karen Runacres | Lakeside


The end of a class

by Karen Runacres | Metta meditation


I want you to relax

I run relaxed, informal classes. My goal is to help you relax both in the class and at home. I aim to teach you techniques that you can use in your everyday life

My classes are not Buddhist although I do get inspiration from Buddha’s work along with that of many others

Each person gets what they need from a class I don’t focus on particular religions or style


I can't meditate

Many of us think we can’t meditate. I believed I couldn’t meditate having tried a few times. Each time I would sit down and say to myself “right I am going to meditate now” My mind full of thoughts and ideas. Needless to say, that doesn’t work.

Eventually, I understood that good meditation requires some preparation!

Let me guide you through the process so you can enjoy some peace and relaxation.


Why meditate?

Meditation helps you to

Relax and feel calm

Be more focussed

Improve your breathing and oxygen supply

Strengthen your core through deep breathing

Improve your health