The health benefits of meditation

Meditation allows us to focus on one thing, to be in the moment, to be mindful.

Our lives are so busy that taking time out to just be is more important than ever,

I chose my Buddha because he looks so peaceful and happy. This is how I feel when I meditate regularly and this is the feeling I would like you to experience.

Meditation is not just about relaxation, it has many health benefits including:

enouraging you to breathe properly

supporting your immune system

helping you to reduce your blood pressure

allowing you to focus on a particular problem or situation

Our lifestyle and our health

Our current lifestyles frequently lead us into stressful situations and for some people they never get out of “fight or light” mode.

We do not live in cave man times where we are literally fighting for our lives and food every day. Despite all the comforts and ease of our lives we subject ourselves to self imposed pressures to do / haveĀ  and be more all the time.

We have forgotten that we are good enough as we are. Things always work out but we place stress on ourselves by trying to control when, where and how our wishes will come true.

This leads to our adrenal glands being overworked, our hearts beat faster, our breath becomes more shallow and faster and our muscles are tense and primed for action. This is why adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems and hormonal problems are so prevalent now.

My meditation classes

Meditation or mindfulness is a universal practice that has evolved throughout the world and has its roots firmly in history. Each culture has their own expression of meditation be it spiritual, religious or just helping you to relax.

Like Homeopathy I believe the practice of meditation is a personal one, each person will find their own way. To me, it is more important that people practice regularly rather than adhere to a particular style or position. During my classes we will cover the many different styles and practices of meditation / mindfulness, this allows you to find what suits you and it will help you find your own style.

My classes reflect my personal style of mixing relaxation, health and some spirituality into the mix.

I run a class in Truro on tuesday evenings at Colours Cafe and Wellbeing Centre. Class runs 6.30 – 8 p.m

You can book a place here