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How to contact Karen at Krysalis Wellbeing

 Home Visits

I see people at my home or I can arrange to see you at your home in certain circumstances; this particularly applies for younger children. I find that meeting them in their own homes is easier and more relaxing for everyone. These arrangements are made on an individual basis and of course within the local area

On line Consultation Options

I offer on line / telephone consultations too; I use Zoom most regularly because it is a secure platform. However, I can use Skype or What’s App too. Working on line gives us the flexibility we need to meet the demands of our daily lives whilst maintaining our health and self care practices.

Living in Cornwall means travelling times can use up a lot of time, so working on line eliminates this which is particularly useful in the summer!

Finally, but most importantly your relationship with your Homoepath is very personal. For this reason, choosing who you think can help you feel better is a big decision. This means I am really happy to have a pre appointment chat so we can address any concerns you may have and we can have a chat and get to know each other a little before we meet. 

“I am very aware of the impact of what I put in my body, homeopathy suits me “

R.A – May 2021

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