I help you feel better

My journey into holistic healthcare started in the late 90’s. I was looking for a way to help people; it was the start of me understanding how I help you to feel better. My job was making me unhappy and unwell. I discovered homeopathy and my journey began. Homeopathy made sense of my health in a way nothing else had.

Homeopathy changed my life and I realised it was my future path. I knew I could help other people; so I chose become a Homeopath so now I can help you feel better and improve your health and wellbeing. I have never looked back.


Where do I start

Since I started my practice I have evolved the way I work.  You may know what you want to sort out, if so that’s great. For many patients, they just don’t feel right. After discussing your health with you, we may start with diet or it may be lifestyle or that familiar problem of stress.

The knowledge I gained over the years has melded into my own personal style of working with patients to help them achieve their very best health. I will work with whatever you need so I can help you to improve your health and wellbeing.


I help you to feel better – I listen

We all need to be heard it is vital to our wellbeing. I take the time to listen to and really understand my patients. What I hear from you helps me identify the right approach so that I can help you feel better.

Homeopathy is central to the way I work but we may focus on other areas such as lifestyle, diet, exercise or work first. Sometimes simple changes can make an enormous difference. It also allows us to see what needs addressing for you with remedies.

You may be in the midst of a life change and if this is the case we will prioritise what you need to work to deal with the situation.

We will work the way that suits you, the unique individual you are.

I help you to feel better – Meditation

Teaching people to meditate is a joy for me. I believe that in this chaotic world we need the counterpoint of slowness to help maintain our balance.

When your world is spinning at a hundred miles an hour just taking a few deep breaths can make all the difference. The old cliche “take time to smell the roses” could not be more relevant in today’s frantic world

I love to teach people relaxation and meditation skills. Being mindful as you go about your day can help you manage and enjoy your life far more.

I really struggled with a busy mind so meditation took a long time for me to grasp so I know that I can help you to improve your health and well-being because if I can meditate anyone can! Many people think they can’t meditate but everyone can.

Regular meditation not only relaxes you but it also helps with many health issues Meditation is something anyone can do it is not strange or difficult.


My Experience

I have experience within different areas of holistic healthcare including the nutrition sector. Good gut health is essential for our well-being.

Gut health is now recognised as a key part of our overall immunity. I know that I can help you improve your health and well-being because I experienced many gut issues through eating the wrong foods. I can guide you through the changes you need to make and how to do it.

Eating the right foods can transform your health; but even with a good diet you may still need supplements for additional support. I will advise you on the right supplements to help you correct any imbalances.


Lifestyle Choices

I believe that we need balanced lives to be our most healthy selves. To achieve this a good work / life balance really helps. There are a number of ways to achieve that balance. Relaxation is essential to our health and personal so make sure you know what relaxes you.

Often our hobbies can be relaxing because we get so absorbed we forget everything else. I know that to be true for me, so find that thing that captures your imagination. Fun, laughter and being creative matter too. Creativity takes many forms from art, gardening, making something or writing poetry to name but a few. It is recognised that creative activity can actually decrease your brain age. Another reason to get inspired!

Exercise is another component of a balanced life, find the activity that suits you and your lifestyle so it is not a chore. Through achieving a good life balance you are on the path to good health.

Living The Dream

I believe we need to follow our dreams. To live in Cornwall was my dream but I kept finding reasons not to come because I was scared of making such a big move.

When we deny something that matters to us so much we store that feeling within us. We may not be aware but it affects us in so many ways. Ultimately, it may compromise your health.

I speak from experience, it took me a long time to get here but now I am in the right place for me. Being true to yourself gives you freedom and better health.