Full Moon Remedies

Homeopathic experience shows that Full Moon Remedies are very necessary. Through our proving’s of moonlight, there are a number of rubrics in our repertories that reflect various aspects of reaction to the moon. This is despite the fact that scientific research does not so far, confirm links between the full moon and our health.

These rubrics include

Moon full agg – this is the rubric I used from Murphy to select some key remedies to describe for you here

A sample of some of the others include agg from different phases of the moon, desire to dance naked in moonlight, restlessness during full moon, screaming, shrieking and shouting during moon increase of plus a number of menses related rubrics

What I find strange is that the relationship between the moon and our health is first recorded on a Mesopotamian tablet from 172 BCE and the idea has persisted through the Ancient Greek healing right up the current day. To me, if an idea is rubbish then why has it persisted for so long?

Perhaps it can be summarized by the quote from Niall McCrae author of The Moon and Madness. He says:

“We can be confident that the moon doe not have a noticeable impact on most peoples lives most of the time but we cannot rule out the possibility of its role among various environmental factors that might affect our sleep, moods and vitality”

It may be a small concession but it’s enough for me!

Full Moon Remedies

I have given brief outlines of a few remedies that are affected by the full moon, there are many more depending on your individual symptoms. As ever Homeopathy treats you as the unique individual you are and so the remedy needs to resonate with you.

Full Moon Remedies – Argentum Nitricum

This is a great remedy for anticipatory anxiety, I have helped many people pass their driving tests with this remedy. How? They get so nervous and fear they will do something wrong and not pass. so, I prescribe Arg Nit and they relax and pass their test! This remedy is very fearful and they suffer ailments of stress. They also have ailments from sweet things that they crave! They can be impulsive and confused. Digestive complaints are a problem and they are unable to walk with their eyes closed.

Full Moon remedies – Arsenicum

This character is very fastidious and fault finding, they are obsessively tidy and cannot leave the house if a cushion is out of place. They are chilly and thirsty but only for small sips of water at a time. They are very anxious about their health and despair of their recovery, often going from one health expert to another, they are very restless and their symptoms are often burning in nature. It is a good remedy for digestive complaints, particularly food poisoning.

 Full Moon Remedies – Calc Carb

Everyone has heard of Calc Carb a great reemdy for slow teething. In fact, slow and deliberate are words that align with this remedy, these are the methodical plodders who work at their own pace. They are often described as fair, fat and flabby but there are many that do not fit this description. These people are fearful, melancholic and timid but in contrast they can be obstinate too. Again, they are chilly and thirsty. They like cuddles but being sweaty may mean they don’t get the cuddles they desire

 Full Moon Remedies – Lycopodium

This is a remedy associated with lots of digestive issues. They are actually quite fearful characters and yet, they are quite confident, bossy even in their home environment but not outside. They fear being hurt so can be quite superficial and don’t let people close enough to hurt them. They socialize and have lots of “friends” but this is all about image.

 Full Moon Remedies – Phosphorus

This is your lively extrovert character who is friends with everyone. A Homeopath loves a Phosphorus patient because they tell all their friends to come and see you! Phosphorus people are scattered, energetic and restless. These people are chilly and thirsty, they are worse for thunderstorms and rain. Mental exertion does not agree with them and they experience very strong emotions

 Full Moon Remedies – Pulsatilla

These people are very affectionate and love company, they can easily feel forsaken if they are not included in everything. They are seen as sweet and gentle but they can be quite manipulative to get their own way. My favourite example is the child that gives away their last sweet because they get the gratification of being seen as nice and kind which is worth more than one sweet.  They are very changeable in both mood and physical symptoms which can wander to different parts of the body