itedSAD Remedies – Homeopathy Helps

These SAD Remedies reflect some of the variations you can experience during the winter. SAD is very much a seasonal condition and so is clearly separate from depression. How do you tell the difference? Even a bright day during winter could cheer you up. When the spring comes your symptoms just disappear.

Please bear in mind it will be different every year, for example the previous summer was so hot I stayed in the cool more than I realised. This meant I didn’t get enough sunshine to get me through the winter so my symptoms started much earlier that year. This year I did better and it started later…


This is a deep acting remedy; people lose their smile and withdraw. They have strong feelings of hopelessness and despair. They are tired and choose to be alone as they find interaction with others difficult and exhausting. The key expressions here are melancholy, anxiety and an extreme weariness of life. Concentration is mildly affected and there is some desire for sweets. The aggravation of winter is strong for this remedy and sunlight helps them feel better


If you or a family member goes from being the life and soul of the party to anxious, scattered and unfocused then Phos may be the remedy to use. These normally gregarious people lose their joie de vivre and are very withdrawn and nervous. These people experience more challenges with concentration, melancholy and anxiety. They are a bit weary of life and do like their bed in the winter but as ever their mood is very changeable


I was taught Sepia as being the worn-out washerwoman and it depicts the state very well. They are exhausted, life is just too much effort. They look sallow and drawn. Sepia can often have a yellow tinge to their face. They can be extremely irritable particularly with their partner and those closest to them. Normally. Sepia are better for exercise and dancing but in the winter, they just can’t be bothered and this reflects the main characteristic – can’t be bothered with changeable moods thrown in.


This is a relatively new remedy and was a meditative proving, the language is very different to the “Old School Homeopaths”. As a colour Orange is vibrant and stimulating. It is energizing and encourages joy, self-confidence, creativity and social ability. This shows why it is suggested as a SAD remedy – this is precisely the energy we need when we are struggling with the winter blues. Orange is recommended for weakness either of the will or where there are nutritional gaps. It acts to tone the body. In the prescribing notes it is described as a potentially uncomfortable remedy as it can bring upheaval to your life. So, I encourage you to be very sure that this is the right remedy for you.


 This remedy is more moderate, aggravated by winter but not as strongly as Aurum. Although like Aurum the strongest expressions are melancholy and anxiety. The mental energy is of confusion and delirium. The polarity of energy is expressed through the want of physical energy versus the excited quality of mind. Conium patients don’t desire sweets but they do desire to stay in bed. The weariness of life is present but not as marked as Aurum. Again, this demonstrates the subtleness and distinctions between remedies.

 This is a brief summary of some potential remedies to support you through the S.A.D season. Be aware that there are many remedies that can help you and they will reflect your overall predispositions. Another thing that I have done is to embrace winter more fully and get out there even if the weather is wild and wet. What I found is it can be exhilarating to see the waves crashing onto the rocks and feeling the power of the wind pushing you along…so that’s a thought I will leave you with