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Mum Burnout

It is a joy to be a parent, but Mum Burnout is something we will all experience in this busy world. You get lost in the continual demands on our time and energy. Before you know it, you can find yourself mentally and physically depleted. It’s hard to put one foot in front of another and you are struggling to keep your eyes open.

With all the social media we are exposed to it looks like everyone but you is doing a brilliant job of being a Mum. You look around you and think “I am rubbish, I’m not a good Mom”

With so many of us juggling jobs and families it can become overwhelming. You may feel totally overwhelmed by being a parent.

Mum Burnout – Self Care

Over the years I have treated so many Mums in just this position. My first piece of advice for them is this

“ You must be Number 1 on your list”

Ha, I hear you say, I am not even on the list! This is precisely my point. Mum is the lynchpin of the family, everything revolves around you. It makes sense to take care of you, so you can take care of everyone else

Mum Burnout – Homeopathy Helps

Homeopathy gives you a multitude of remedies to reflect your individual feelings and circumstances. If ten Mums were feeling overwhelm, they would all express it slightly differently due to their own predispositions and circumstances. So here are a few examples of different feelings and the remedies that help.


This remedy helps women in many ways and has a strong hormonal element. When hormones are involved our emotions get very out of whack. This can lead to some very difficult feelings like “I can’t stand my partner / kids, I just want to be on my own”. When in need of Sepia a person will be defensive and have a negative attitude. They do not welcome affection and cannot give affection to others. They are just exhausted. I prescribe this remedy so regularly over my time in practice. I took it when I was working full on in my career and I was exhausted, I craved chocolate. My Homeopath explained to me I craved chocolate because there was no sweetness in my life and she was right…

Kali Phos

Symptoms of Kali Phos include nervous exhaustion, as characters they have a strong sense of right and wrong. When exhausted they lose self control. The experience is that the smallest job is a huge effort. There is irritability with their family caused by absolute weakness and exhaustion. This remedy is a godsend for Mums who are having trouble sleeping and are feeling totally exhausted. At Christmas, I prescribed this for two parents at the end of their tether with two children not sleeping at night. As she said, they just couldn’t cope with life without some sleep. I got an email that said

“OMG, you are a lifesaver! We finally got some sleep after 2 weeks! and we got some jobs done in the house”


Nux Vomica

This is a high energy remedy for driven and focused people. They are determined and push themselves hard. They do not tolerate critcicism and are very irritable if criticized. These people live on coffee, chocolate, alcohol, you name it any stimulant that allows them to keep going. They are fault finders and argumenatative. Restrictions of any form are not tolerated. They struggle with sleep because they are always tense and find it hard to relax. Mums who work in pressurized environments as well as running a home and family will benefit from this remedy


This is a really interesting remedy and presents in quite different ways. Mums who need Staphisagria may well feel they have lost their voice, that theya re not heard. They can feel very put upon and ultimately, they come to resent that. I had a Mum who many years ago came to see me. When she described her life I was agog at what she put up with. Her “children” were 20 and 22. She still picked their laundry up off the floor, made their lunches to take to work, nade their beds – you get the picture. This lady didn’t see what I saw, she had become so suppressed she couldn’t see what was going on. A month later after a prescription of Staphisagria she was going out to lunch with friends, she stopped making lunches and beds and the “children” were doing their own washing!

Mum Burnout – Self Care Tips

Other than Homeopathy which offers you amazing support here are some things you can do

Firstly, make the list where you are NUMBER ONE!

Recognise that you feel exhausted / overwhelmed / indifferent. Know that it is normal. Once you admit this, ask for help.

Be kind to yourself. Did you know that every act of kindness benefits the person who receives the kindness, anyone who sees it happen and the person who is offering kindness. What happens is that everyone’s feel good hormone serotonin is raised providing all with a positive boost

Plan those little pleasures, a hot drink and a good book / music for 15 minutes, get outside for a walk / in the garden, meet a friend. Do whatever gives those moments of pleasure in your day