Sleep Tips

About You

Here are my Sleep tips; good sleep happens if you eliminate any worries or anxieties, you can do this by:

    1. Write them down so you don’t keep rehashing them in the night; your mind keeps the thought in your head in an attempt not to forget. This means you don’t relax and sleep well
    2. Talk to someone and share your concerns, a trouble shared really is a trouble halved
    3. Develop a plan to deal with your worries, that way you are back in control
    4. When there are ongoing issues ensure you that you find external help
    5. Plan regular holidays and breaks even staycations make a difference.

Good Habits

Is it possible that you need to delegate? Learn to ask for help and learn to let people help. Consider whether you do need to do everything you do. Is it possible you have just got into “busy mode” Take a pause, a break, there is always tomorrow.

Exercise is important for fitness but also to destress and manage tension. In addition, if you tire yourself out you will be tired and so it will help you sleep better too. If you are new to exercise, start slowly and build it into your day. Climb stairs, get off the bus one stop early.

Make sure you lead a balanced life that allows time for friends, family, hobbies, exercise, creativity and relaxation.

Bedtime Regime 

Here are my Sleep Tips for your sleep regime.It is important to maintain a regular routine so go to bed at the same time each night. Create a wind down routine at least an hour before bedtme. Consider a warm bath in that hour before bed, the body tends to drop in temperature before sleep so raise your temperature through a warm but not hot bath and then your temperature will drop preparing you for sleep.

Use dim, soft lighting and get into your sleep clothes before you go to bed. Either sleep naked or in a cotton bodysuit to help regulate your body temperature. NB if you are sleeping with a man remember they generate a lot of heat because their metabolism runs faster than a woman’s. If you have cold feet wear socks.

Try a hot milky drink tohelp you to feel sleepy – use skimmed milk to get the calcium without the high fat content. Do not drink caffeine at least 2 -3 hours before bedtime it is too stimulating. Make sure you eat lighter meals at night so your digestive system is not overloaded. Alcohol may get you to sleep but again it disrupts sleep patterns and deep sleep is not achieved. Take calcium and magnesium at night they are an aid to sleep.

Your bed is not your workplace it is for sleep. Keep a notebook by your bed so if you do have a busy mind night, you can write it all down and go back to sleep. If you are very tense, go through each part of your body tensing each part and then releasing, repeat until you feel less tense. Do not read or watch anything stimulating in the hour before sleep. Lavender oil on a tissue inside both end of your pillow can be very relaxing. Alternatively use it in your bath

Ease into sleep through slowness, no stimulation, deep breathing and meditation


Your Bedroom

My Sleep Tips for the environment you sleep are important. Ensure you declutter – a busy room is not conducive to good sleep. Electronics like tablets and phones emit blue light which disturbs our bodies and disrupts sleep. Black out curtains are essential for any one sensitive to light; alternatively, an eye mask works too. You need to block out the light or you don’t produce the right chemicals.

Manage noise if this is a possible sleep disrupter to you, try earplugs – wax ones are the most effective. This can be really useful in unfamiliar environments or on hot nights when you need the window open. Temperature is important too make sure the temperature is right for you.

Have you checked your bed, is it still comfortable? How about your pillows? is your duvet the right tog level? It is all very personal, so make the right choices for you. Some people even consider the decoration colours of their room. In this case, they choose warm earthy colours, they are less stimulating than bright colours.