Heart Risk factors


A healthy heart is vital to our wellbeing, so let’s consider the Heart Risk Factors. There are 12 factors that not only affect the heart but our overall health. Our bodies work as one cohesive unit, what is good for one organ or body part will be good for other body parts.

The common sense habits I am about to describe benefit our overall health positively.

Manage your stress

The first common sense health habit is “learn to manage your stress” Managing stress is an important element of a healthy life. This is because stress creates tension and anxiety. Anxiety generates chemical changes that if left unchecked create a cascade of imbalances.

Aside from the chaos caused in the body, living in a tense and anxious way is not enjoyable. A common response to stress is to eat more, smoke, drink alcohol and stop exercising.

This is counterproductive and leads to the next Heart Risk Factors…

Stop these habits

Eating an unhealthy diet of processed and junk foods increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

Consuming too much alcohol also raised blood pressure and increases the risk of obesity.

Unhealthy habits like smoking really do not help. Smoking damages blood vessels and reduces the level of oxygen in your blood. In addition, it raises your blood pressure.

Sitting on the sofa eating your unhealthy snacks, whilst drinking too much alcohol and having a cigarette is the perfect formula for creating heart disease. The lack of physical activity increases the risk of heart issues. However, when combined with the other factors the story accelerates…

If you don’t stop your bad habits

The next stage is developing high cholesterol. When Cholesterol levels increase the result is increased plaque in the arteries, leading to increased risk of heart disease. You are also likely to experience raised blood pressure because of the poor diet, alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise.

Obesity will appear after a period of sitting on your sofa, and it doesn’t take long! Within a few months of inactivity, you can pile on the pounds. This leads to more anxiety and depression, because you feel uncomfortable and just can’t shift those extra pounds. Before you know it, you have a serious weight problem and another heart risk factor.

Obesity can lead to diabetes and a greater risk of other cardiovascular issues.

I have highlighted all the Heart Risk Factors you can change first; these things are in your control. It is your choice.

You can manage these factors

Now I will talk about the things that you can’t change…

Heart disease occurs more frequently with age, men in particular are more at risk after 45 years. Women are less at risk until the menopause has occurred but then they catch up with the men quickly

The only factor that you can’t change but you can influence is your family history and genetics. As with any disease, if heart disease runs in your family, it is more likely you will be susceptible to getting it yourself.

However, you can take action and adhere to the healthy habits here and manage your risk positively. But do not despair, because actually, some people have no family history, no indications of heart disease and still get it. There is no hard and fast rule that says you will, especially if you take positive steps now. 

Homeopathy Helps

As you have seen your entire body gets disrupted by unhealthy habits. This is why Homeopathy is such a  great form of treatment. Not only does it help you address the health issues caused by poor habits, it helps you change those habits. Stress prompts us into poor habits but if we understand the root cause of those habits we can make real change. Homeopaths focus on identifying the root cause of your stress / illness. The homeopathic approach takes in the whole person and gives you a complete rebalance.