what is homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy – the definition is simple Homeo means similar and Pathy means suffering / disease. Homeopathy is the healing of similar disease.

Homeopathy is a worldwide, global form of treatment that is established and used by over 200 million people.

It has been part of medicinal processes right back to the time of Paracelsus. Although, it really became a force when Samuel Hahnemann became its advocate over 200 years ago.

Now we have masters of Homeopathy expanding on Hahnemann’s original concepts and bringing new and revolutionary ideas to this classic art. These ideas reflect and support the constant evolution of human beings and the environment they live in.

Homeopathic Principles

Homeopathy is directed by key principles and like cures like is a foundation of the process. To explain, if a person has red, streaming eyes and a runny nose then Allium Cepa will be an appropriate choice of remedy to address those symptoms. Allium Cepa is the onion, so think about how you feel when you peel an onion and these are the symptoms that are healed.

The Homeopathic principle of totality indicates the process of treating the whole person. You may come with a specific condition but to address your health all of you will be considered as a whole. Homeopathy treats the body as the one organism it is, not as separate and discreet parts that do not connect to each other

As a treatment Homeopathy is a gentle, non-invasive and non-addictive form of treatment. Homeopathy simply stimulates the weakened immune system and supports it back to good health. You only take the remedy while the symptoms are indicated. Once they have passed you stop the remedy. This is the principe of minimum dose; you just take enough to stimulate the immune system into healing mode.

Unlike convention medication there is no risk of addiction or side effects. You take the Homeopathic remedies only when you need them.

However, you can manage and improve your health with regular homeopathic treatment to address your health imbalances as they occur. This way you stay in good health through a positive maintenance plan.

Homeopathy for all illness’

Homeopathy helps you to manage whatever dis-ease comes your way. Sometimes an acute condition like an injury, cold or short term stress will occur. Typically, acute conditions are dealt with much more quickly than chronic ones so you may only take a few doses of the remedy.

Identifying the root cause of a chronic disease is key to full and complete homeopathic treatment. With a chronic condition, the process is often likened to that of peeling an onion. This is because people have layers of symptoms that may need to be addressed so we literally peel them back as you would with an onion!

Often, there will be events that the person has buried or forgotten about, these can be the root cause of disease. These events have been traumatic enough that the person could not deal with them at the time so they will have buried.

These events once identified and worked with can bring a person to a place of real healing. Chronic conditions like arthritis, heart issues, mental imbalances are an indication of this type of situation.

Immune system support

When our vital force – our energy – Chi – is strong we will be less susceptible to different triggers. But if we work too hard, get stressed and don’t look after ourselves our immune system becomes compromised.

A compromised immune system results in triggers being stronger than the immune system and activating. This is a classic example of a hay-fever that has lay dormant for a number of years, only to return when the immune system is weak. The right remedy can get you back on track

Choosing Homeopathy to maintain and improve your health is a positive choice, you have support for anything from acute to chronic issues. Your Homeopath knows you well and is able to support you through life’s ups and downs and get you back on track easily.

Testimonial for Karen

Working with Patients

It has been my privilege to work with some amazing people over the years. Saul whose testimonial is to your left is one of those people.

Saul came to me to deal with his grief which was deep and profound. However, through healing the grief we found other deep issues that had been buried or ignored for years.

Saul worked with me, reaching into those difficult memories and emotions. Using Homeopathy Saul healed these emotions.

Saul has developed an amazing life and is a fulfilled and happy person.