What potency and how often?

What Potency and how often?

The question “What Potency and how often do I take it?” comes up frequently. This article will give a simple explanation so that you can use your remedies confidently at home.


At home, you will use 30c and 200c typically. The potency is just the strength of the remedy.

As a rule of thumb, if you are choosing a remedy start with a lower dose.

30c is suitable for most first aid situations but if you have a more intense reaction then you may need 200c. An example would be a burn, or a migraine.

There is a relationship between the potency and the strength of reaction of the person. The more intense reactions will need to be balanced by the higher potency of 200c.

There are higher potencies but these are best used under the guidance of a professional Homeopath. This is is because these potencies are often constitutional remedies that reflect not only the current first aid symptoms but the full picture of the person’s life.


Here is the how often answer to the question “What Potency and how often?”

Take one drop, one pill or pellet. Less is more, you don’t get a better result from taking multiple doses at the same time. Be aware that if you buy a commercially prepared remedy, they will advise you to take two tablets as a dose, they will also tell you to take the remedies at regular intervals. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS.

Follow this regime:

  1. One tablet, drop, pellet is given, now wait and monitor the symptoms you are trying to manage.
  2. If no reaction, repeat an hour later, do this for a maximum of 3 doses.
  3. If no reaction after 3 doses, choose another remedy.
  4. If there is a change in symptoms then wait and continue to monitor
  5. If the symptoms return then give a second dose
  6. If new symptoms appear it is possible that you need a different remedy so review all of the symptom. Check the current remedy for the new symptoms. You should also check if there is another remedy that fits the overall picture better if so, use this.
  7. If after 3 doses there is no change, choose a different remedy

Combination Remedies

The classical approach is to use one remedy at a time. However, there are some remedies that are complimentary to each other and enhance the total healing process.

One example is Rhus Tox, Ruta and Arnica for injuries. Rhus Tox works on the muscles, Ruta on the ligaments and Arnica provides pain relief as well as general healing and support for shock. This preparation is available as a combination.

If remedies are sold as combinations then you can be confident that they will work together happily and support your healing.

I hope you feel more comfortable to think “What Potency and how often?” now.

Please always check if you have any questions or you feel uncertain about what to take.

Other Potencies

Homeopathic remedies come in a number of strengths or potencies as we call them. Individual remedies have a particular energy as do patients so deciding on the right remedy at the right potency is a complex decision. This is why I have only covered 30c and 200c and my advice is intended for first aid situations that come up in daily life. 

The other potencies are used by Homeopaths when they have a full case history and a thorough understanding of the patient. Some patients are particularly sensitive and so need careful consideration in terms of dosage. 


The Exceptions to the rule…

The whole point of rules is as a guideline, there are always times when a different regime is needed and a good example of this is fevers. In cases like this, you should be consulting a Homeopath.

High Fevers

Fever with fits, delirium, severe pain or a temperature of 40 C or 104 F or over ACONITE 200 – one dose every 15 minutes until medical help arrives.

 Fever 39 C or over, skin bright red and hot to touch, pupils dilated, dizziness BELLADONNA 200 – one dose every hour for three doses. If there is an improvement one dose every four hours NB

 Fever 39 C or over, skin hot dry, restless, anxious state of mind, thirsty ACONITE 200. One dose every hour for three doses if improvement, one dose every 4 hours. NB  If improvement continues but support still needed continue with remedy one dose 3 times a day for up to 10 days. If remedies do not show improvement, stop the remedy and try another remedy

Other Fever Remedies may be needed but Aconite and Belladonna are two excellent fever remedies