Depresion, Anxiety and Arthritis

Depression, Anxiety and Arthritis

The conditions Depression, Anxiety and Arthritis are sadly often partnering in your body. Homeopaths view the body as one vital organism so if one part is affected then others will be too. It does not surprise us that Arthritis and mental health conditions are related.

Arthritis brings pain, discomfort, limitations and lifestyle changes to your door. How can a person not be mentally affected by these things?

The very nature of ongoing chronic pain is debilitating, you feel exhausted and possibly angry or resentful. The questions that run through your mind are:

Why did this happen to me?

It’s not fair, why can’t I do what I used to?

How can I stop the pain?  To name a few…

Depression, Anxiety and Arthritis – emotional reactions

Many people isolate themselves they withdraw from daily life, this action in itself prompts more risk of depression. Emotions range from sadness to thoughts of death and suicide and guilt. Worthlessness and general disinterest in life all present themselves to disturb you even further.

Each day presents a pain challenge and maintaining regular regimes even medication and other helpful activities can get lost or hard to continue. This of course, creates frustration and anger which ultimately leads to depression and anxiety.

The Negative Cycle

The everyday, relentless stress creates imbalances of hormones and neurotransmitters like cortisol, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Chemical imbalances can be extremely disruptive to the body and lead to further health issues or exaggerate current symptoms.

Depression deflates your mind but chemically increases the factors associated with inflammation like your C-reactive protein. The inflammation of course, aggravates your arthritis further and so the negative cycle begins.

Inflammation due to depression makes the pain worse, chronic pain aggravates the anxiety and depression and so round and round you go. You are not alone some 30% of RA sufferers experience depression within 5 years of diagnosis and 20% of OA patients experience anxiety and depression.

Symptoms are not only pain and low mood or sadness. Other body functions are disturbed; sleep patterns change, weight fluctuates, energy levels ebb and flow and other physical disturbances like headaches or stomach problems occur.

How can you change your health?

Homeopathic support is invaluable because it addresses all of you, the remedies will support your physical and emotional health. The physical and emotional are clearly not separate so both need to be treated. In doing so, the overall balance of your body shifts and symptoms reduce and ultimately, may disappear.

Sharing your experience with other people in your situation is invaluable, because no one will understand like they do. But, sharing with those with are part of your life is vital too. Explain how each day is different, how you worry about letting people or yourself down and describe your frustrations and fears. Your loved ones want to help but they need help to help you.

Activity is crucial, it may seem counterproductive when you hurt but the old adage “Use it or lose it” couldn’t be truer especially as we age. Think how each decade has changed your physicality, even in “good” health we can’t do at 50 what we did at 20!

Sleep is essential to our overall health. A lack of sleep leads to more sensitive to pain, a lack of energy, poor co-ordination / judgement and anxiety and depression. This demonstrates the negative cycle doesn’t restrict its self just to pain many of your symptoms will exacerbate each other. Without it, you risk adding other diseases (obesity, Blood pressure, heart disease) to your life load.

Resisting your situation or denying it costs you energy that your body needs for recovery and maintenance. Think about when you have an argument with someone and you will NOT back down – and neither will they. The energy of holding your position can reach a point of exhaustion. Do you really want to drain your body of healing energy?

Practice acceptance of your situation, this is NOT giving in but flowing with your circumstances. Take a mindful approach be in the moment, it will ease you through life and pain much more than fighting every step of the way.

Depression and Pain do not have to be your story, you can manage both with the advice here and the support of good Homeopathic remedies.