How far can Homeopathy Help?

The question “How far can Homeopathy help?” will be one of the first ones you ask when you encounter Homeopathy for the first time.  Homeopathy is a different approach to health and it takes time to understand the process.

Homeopathy works holistically and takes account of every aspect of your physical and mental health. So back to the question: “How far can Homeopathy Help?”

The answer is dependent on a number of factors:

  1. What are you looking to resolve?
  2. Do you want to feel better?
  3. What medications are you on and how long have you been on them?
  4. Do you have any comorbidities? (other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or obesity?
  5. Your lifestyle and the choices you make

What Are You Looking To Resolve?

Homeopathy goes as deep as you want to go, it can support you through acute illness all the way through to lifetime chronic diseases. Often, when I start working with someone there is an idea of what needs fixing but as we progress the deeper root cause emerges.

As a Homeopath identifying the root cause is vital to ensuring a person can be as healthy as possible. The root cause is that defining event or health imbalance in your life that has influenced everything from that point on. I aim to heal whatever was occurring at that time and therefore, alleviate or remove the symptoms you are experiencing now.

For example, if your Mother’s pregnancy with you was difficult, you would have been aware of that and may as a result be an anxious or fearful person. The root cause could have emerged later, perhaps an episode of bullying at school, the loss of an important family member or an illness that you never fully recovered from.

So, the choice is yours Homeopathy will support you no matter how far you choose to go in terms of rebalancing your health.

Constitutional Treatment

Treating you constitutionally is my Homeopathic gift to you; it allows me to treat you as the unique individual you are. To achieve this, I consider your genetic history, your health history from conception, the medications you have taken through your life, any diseases you have had, your food preferences, your physical reactions to heat, cold, weather and so much more.

I continue my investigation to include your emotional reactions, and the environmental influences in your life from work, family, friends, culture and any other relationship influences.

My goal is to understand every aspect of you and the things that influence your health and use that information to prescribe the remedies that will stimulate your immune system and balance your body

My experience over many years has shown me very clearly that Homeopathy addresses the key issues and then supports a person to stay in that healthier place. Homeopathy gives health improvements and maintenance of health.

Constitutional Treatment is an absolute cornerstone of your health plan if you want to lead your healthiest life.

Potential Results

In terms of improving your health, as already outlined, there are many factors to be considered.

It is impossible to say categorically what the outcome for your health will be because each one of you is different and have your own individual susceptibilities.  So, to address the question “How far can Homeopathy Help?”. At a minimum, I expect to make you more comfortable and help you manage your symptoms. At best, I aim for you to be symptom and disease free. 

Prevention Over Cure

If you are reading this and know that there is a family history of specific disease, please take action now. Consider your diet, your lifestyle, you exercise habits and your stress levels. Do you need to make some lifestyle changes now?

Your Health, Your Choices

Homeopathy is incredibly powerful and despite being in practice for many years I can still be blown away by the results Homeopathy allows me to achieve. When you make positive choices to support your treatment you enhance this power even further. So, make healthy dietary choices, exercise, but mostly importantly, have a positive mindset.

We all know stories of humans who have achieved incredible feats of bravery and courage. People who have fought cancer and other life-threatening disease, people who have rescued others from danger, I could go on…

Why not choose to good health?

My goal is to support you to achieve the best health and life you can.