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Homeopathy and Sleep Apnea / ADHD

This continues from my previous blog on Sleep Apnea / ADHD. It is relevant for either condition. There are only a few remedies under the “Breathing Stopped Sleep During” I share two here that feature in many of the “stopped breathing” rubrics


Homeopaths use Repertories which are books containing lists of symptoms relating to all parts of the body. The symptoms are classified under rubrics like Sleep, Heart, Throat and so on

You may ask why I write about Sleep Apnea and ADHD together. This is because the sleep symptoms can be similar. Homeopathy treats the symptoms not a disease name

The Sleep Rubrics:

1.Stopped breathing sleep on going to

2.Stopped breathing during sleep

3.Stopped breathing on going to sleep

In all three of these rubrics LACH and GRIN are bold type, so they have a strong affinity with the symptom

Homeopathy Sleep Apnea / ADHD

There is one stand out remedy,

LACHESIS – a Polycrest

Within Homeopathy some remedies are referred to as Polycrests. These remedies help with many different conditions. They are the umbrella under which smaller remedies nestle. Smaller remedies relate to a polycrest through a commonality of symptoms, but they do not cover the broad range of symptoms that a polycrest does.

Lachesis helps many women with PMT through to Menopause. Other conditions it supports include Skin, Headaches – left sided, Control of blood related issues and Schizophrenia.

Lachesis is therefore associated with many conditions. Here, I will describe the attributes that I consider most relevant to someone with Sleep Apnea / ADHD

What is Lachesis like?

The Lachesis character is no shrinking violet, they command a room with their lively and vivacious personality. The mood shifts are extreme they move from funny and humourous to sarcastic and spiteful in a moment.

A Lachesis character is extremely chatty, they just don’t know how to stop! They can also be extremely restless and wanting to be off to different places all the time. They can jump from one idea to another, they are loud, direct and censorious.

Overactivity, vivid imagination and high energy are by words for this remedy.

This is a very intense character; their jealousy is legendary and is combined with a strongly suspicious nature. This means they may assume someone is out to get them. With such reactive emotions they are sensitive to any perceived threat or wrong doing that may come their way. 

Lachesis Modalities

Modalities Worse for

Any constriction is not well tolerated so they cannot bear anything around their neck or even slight pressure or touch

Sleep related times are difficult because they are worse during and after sleep, waking in morning and after a long sleep

Heat, Extremes of temp; Pressure of constriction; Summer, heat of sun.

Lying on left side

Modalities Better for

Open air, hard pressure, cold drinks, discharges, cold applications

Lachesis is a huge remedy so this is a flavour of its character. I believe that you can see both sleep apnea and ADHD could be helped by Lachesis. This assumes the person and their symptoms fit the Lachesis picture closely

If Lachesis is not the right fit then there are other remedies to consider, here is another



This is a small remedy that falls under the Lachesis umbrella as a related remedy. It seems to align more clearly with Sleep Apnea .You will see why when you consider:

Clarke Rubrics

Cheyne-Stokes Breathing is a common symptom 

Agg in dark

Agg falling asleep

Feels respiration has stopped

Fear of going to sleep on account of loss of breath which awakens him

On falling asleep respiratory movement ceases and it is not resumed until awakened by suffocation resulting

Allen Rubrics

Cheyne-Stokes Respiration if patient drops off to sleep stops breathing and wakes with a start and gasps for breath

Phatak Rubrics

Cheynes-Stokes Breathing

Suffocation on falling to sleep or on awakening

Rattling breathing

Cannot breathe lying down

Understanding Remedies

As Homeopaths we often study remedies in groups, so that we can identify themes. Then once we have the themes, we can identify a group that a patients symptoms correspond to. From there, we can fine tune down to the specific remedy.

The plant remedies are being researched and proved again now so new information is emerging all the time. This will allow us to develop a clearer picture of all aspects of the remedy

Plant Themes

Plants as a group are reactive and sensitive. They offer incomplete and vague descriptions making it hard to get a clear understanding of what is going on.

Typically, they will have one sensation and it’s opposite so Bound and Free or Tight and Loose.

They are easily influenced, emotional and disorganised characters. Their concern is “Can I adapt?”

From this, I have demonstrated that Homeopathy can help Sleep Apnea / ADHD symptoms when the remedy and patient are well matched