osteo arthritis pain and sleep

Arthritis, Pain and Sleep

Osteo Arthritis causes such pain that it is hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. This means the body parts you may want to lay on hurt too much. The daily pain means you don’t exercise as much which leads to increased weight. Becoming heavier, in turn puts more pressure on body parts when trying to sleep.

Sleep deprivation is a problem for most people, after a bad night you feel irritable, lethargic and perhaps unable to concentrate. If this becomes a pattern of poor sleep night after night, things get difficult very quickly. Our bodies need sleep to restore and replenish. Our immunity is compromised without sufficent sleep. This, of course, leads to further health issues such as increased level of colds and slow recovery from illness.

Patricia Parmelee from the University of Alabama Research Institute on Aging at Tuscaloosa states:

“It works both ways, but the stronger direction is that sleep problems whatever their cause can make your experience of pain worse”

Burel Goodin of the University of Alabama supports this statement and confirms that sleep deprivation can promote central nervous system sensitization. This leads to poor sleep patterns which can predate chronic pain.

These two statements make it clear that pain and lack of sleep are dynamically related and either way the one symptom enhances the other. It’s a no win situation, until you have a way to manage the pain.

 This is where Homeopathy can really help, I have attached links to two remedies that help with Arthritis pain. Have a look and see if one suits you, if not there are many others that might so don’t despair!