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Sleep Apnea and related health issues

Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder, it occurs when the throat muscles relax and close the airways for a short period of time. This usually happens when a person is overweight or sleeps on their back.

Anyone experiences sleep apnea will not get good quality sleep; this has a number of health implications for your body.

Did you know that the condition is challenging for both the sufferer and any one that sleeps near them? There is nothing more frightening than hearing the snorer near you, pause… and you wait…and you wait… eventually there is a huge snort and they start breathing again. You do not sleep well if you sleep near a sleep apnea sufferer.

Sleep Apnea and Sleep Deprivation

Our body needs good levels of sleep (7 -9 hours for adults and it is unable to work to optimal efficiency without restorative sleep.

Sleep deprivation exposes us to the risk of chronic health conditions that affect the entire body. Health issues include mental health, brain, heart, blood and kidney problems

Mental health issues can include lack of focus and coordination, poor memory, changeable moods including anxiety and depression. Tiredness affects our judgement making accidents more likely as our judgement is impaired.

Sleep Apnea and Physical Effects

Physically, the immune system is below par making us susceptible to colds and infections, and slower to recover from any illness we may get.

Tiredness leads to fatigue which means no energy. We need energy to function so we may resort to sugary foods to boost our energy levels. This becomes a habit, a craving then an addiction for some people. If this is not managed the next stage is increased weight and then obesity.

Sugar cravings can morph into insulin resistance or diabetes, which in turn can lead to obesity. Obesity adds further complications to an already compromised body

Other serious health issues that can occur are hypertension, heart disease and possibility premature death

Managing Sleep Apnea

How to move forward:

Get a sleep study so you understand what you are dealing with.

The result could be:

Hypopnea – abnormally shallow breathing events

Apnea – pauses in breath of 10 seconds or more. If this happens 20 times in an hour, this claims the title of Apnea.

A diagnosis of Sleep Apnea means the person never gets deep restorative sleep. This leads to the inability to consolidate information, a weak immune system and limited repair of wear and tear from the day.

This condition needs treatment. Treatment could be mouth guards or it can mean oxygen machines. Homeopathy does offer remedies that can support you too. There are a limited number, I have written a separate blog for two of the key ones, please see link below

Things you can do

Keep  weight down and sleep on your side. This may be enough for some people but the situation should be monitored for change and increase of symptoms

In terms of general sleep habits and preparing for bed, I am attached a sleep tips document at the end of this blog