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Ledum for small joint Arthritis

Ledum is one of the “smaller” Homeopathic remedies; it is a first aid remedy. This does not lessen its impact for those experiencing small joint arthritis.

Ledum is comes from a plant known as Marsh Tea, it is part of the rhododendron family. Its medicinal history goes back as far as the Cree Indians of North America. The plant is used as a tonic, for coughs, dyspepsia and dysentery. Its oils are also used as an insect repellent; so, it is no surprise that Ledum is a very useful remedy for puncture wounds from insects.

Ledum for ascending arthritis

From an Arthritis sufferer’s point of view this remedy is beneficial where there is ascending arthritis – it starts in the feet and moves up the body. The small joints respond well to Ledum especially where they are stiff, swollen and bruised.

Joints will  typically be warm and perspiration concentrates on the joints. Other sensations affecting the joints include numbness and pain which is better for cold applications.

Gout is an uncomfortable and common form of arthritis. This condition is prone to appearing suddenly, even during the night. The first you are aware of is the feeling that your big toe is on fire, that the bedsheets suddenly become intolerable. Your toe is hot and swollen, joints are swollen, tender and red. Ledum helps ease those symptoms and get you back on your feet.

Ledum and those knotty swellings…

Arthritic nodosities – (a knotty swelling to you and me!) will pinch and crack when you move. Everything is worse for movement.

A distinguishing symptom with this remedy is the affinities of left side / right side with the left being upper body and the right being lower body.

In terms of character, the smaller remedies have less information because they act on specific parts of the body. What is clear with the Ledum personality is that they are loners, restless people who are generally dissatisfied with life. They feel vengeful and have a hatred of the world in general

The Physicals of Ledum

This remedy is excellent for puncture wounds that are cold to touch but better for cold applications. Intense itching of feet and ankles is common and made worse by scratching and warmth of the bed.

Patients are cold and chilly, worse for night and motion – especially of the affected part.

The balls of the big toes will be painful and swollen, tendons are stiff and worse for walking. Ledum is excellent for ascending arthritis of the smaller joints.