krysalis wellbeing causticum helps arthritis


As a Homeopath I consider all the information presented to me by my patient. This allows me to analyze that information and identify the remedy that best matches the symptoms the patient is experiencing.

What follows is a description of the type of person who is likely to need the remedy Causticum.

The physical presentation of Causticum is:

Weakness, loss of muscular strength, Paralytic feeling in right hand. Contracted tendons, numbness and trembling

The modalities of the remedy are:

Better for: Cold drinks, damp and wet weather, Washing, Warmth of bed, Gentle movement

Worse for: Dry, cold winds and extremes of temperature Evening 3-4am

Causticum helps Arthritis Patients

Causticum helps Arthritis Patients that have symptoms of paralysis; some examples include:

  • A single muscle flexor
  • The right eyelid or droopy upper eyelids
  • Children with paralysis causing them to be slow to walk
  • Around the face
  • In the bladder
  • Of the vocal cords

The sensations that a patient may experience are initial stiffness, restriction of movement leading ultimately to paralysis if there is no intervention.

This paralysis can occur on three levels, physical, emotional and mental. Perhaps the phrase “crippled with arthritis” sums it up rather well.

Causticum – The Warrior for Justice

 Causticum people are bound by a deep sense of justice and a strong practical approach.

Other remedy types will campaign but Causticum are the ones who campaign for the cause without any personal motivation.

Causticum are the passionate warriors fighting for justice, looking after those who can’t fight for themselves.

A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson sums them up

“One man’s justice is another man’s injustice”

Over time their inability to move from their fixed view of how things should be, the mental rigidity, the need for justice at any costs ultimately becomes expressed physically.

It is likely that if this stage is reached the patient will be withdrawn and isolated because they do not have control of the situation.

This becomes intolerable and they obsess about their pet projects allowing no questioning or challenge to their beliefs.

Do you recognise this person? Is it a friend or family member or even yourself? If you do, please direct them to this information.