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Homeopathy Acute vs Chronic Conditions

Homeopathy Acute vs Chronic is a common question I get asked.Homeopaths classify illness’ as either acute or chronic. So, what do we mean with these terms? For us, an acute illness through its name implies an illness that is of short duration and often self-limiting. The body will redress the imbalance and return itself to equilibrium without any support.

However, some acute illness’ can be uncomfortable and intense. So, these are the situations where we turn to homeopathic remedies to support a patient through their discomfort. In fact, these illness’ can often be dealt with at home as a first aid situation

An example would be a baby teething.  A child’s whole being through disrupted sleep, appetite and bowel movements. In addition, the whole family routine can be disturbed by an irritable, precocious child that no one can settle. The introduction of Chamomilla to the baby can bring peace to the whole household! Chamomilla has a very calming effect and so soothes the child… There is a reason why people drink Chamomile Tea – it’s that same soothing effect!

Acute Illness – Arnica – a must have remedy

Another important remedy Arnica, is one that everyone knows. I suggest it is a must have for any home first aid kit.  Arnica is useful for bruises, shock, trauma, pain, black eyes and jetlag to name a few health issues! As you can see Arnica is great at dealing with body trauma at all levels.

Acute illness’ have many different causes from bacterial, viral, changes in the weather, injury via an accident, upset tummies through poor food, over stimulation through alcohol or fright and fear to name a few.

This invites a multitude of remedies to address the many different physical reactions from our bodies.

Homeopathy Acute vs Chronic Illness – Homeopathy Helps

Chronic illness again, as the name suggests is a long-term condition. These are the illness’ that require remedies and a Homeopath to manage and support the patient’s needs.

Chronic illness’ need treatment for their duration, as they may change and disrupt different bodily systems if they are left unchecked. Homeopathy is ideally placed to treat each chronic disease. This is because Homeopathy addresses our individual susceptibilities

Chronic Illness – our susceptibilities

Our susceptibilities are our personal weak spots. For example, my weak spot is my eyes and nose when in contact with cat fur. It makes me itch, my eyes water and my nose run. If I come into contact with a cat when my immune system is low this is exactly what happens. However, if I am feeling really well and my immune system is strong then I will not react.

What is happening is that the weakened immune system manages itself until it encounters the stronger force – perhaps a pollen or in my case cat hair. The stronger force creates a reaction within the body that overwhelms the weakened immune system. This leads to symptoms which remain active until the body’s response is managed or the stimulus goes away.

Homeopathy Acute vs Chronic

The introduction of an appropriate Homeopathic remedy helps to strengthen the immune system and alleviate symptoms. We are all unique individuals with our own susceptibilities; this means we all respond to different allergens etc. in our own way.

To explain further, other people may react to cat fur but their individual susceptibilities to cat fur could be a violent skin rash, trouble breathing or a totally blocked up respiratory system. So, although each person is reacting to the same irritant the body’s expression is different based on their susceptibilities.

This is the magic of Homeopathy; many people could have the same disease but they will be given the remedy that reflects their state and expression of the disease. This is their unique expression not a standard list of symptoms. This enables the Homeopath to give a personal prescription for each person which includes a remedy at the strength that is right for each person

I use my allergy as a barometer of my health. If I am in a strong immune time I can be in a room with a cat and not sneeze or get a runny dripping nose. If I haven’t been taking care of myself, I will react very quickly to the cat being in the room. This is my warning sign that I need to see my Homeopath and get a good immune boost.