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 Acute Illness

Acute Illness – Homeopathy Helps is written to help you understand how Homeopathy can help with acute illness. The term acute illness through its name implies an illness that is of short duration and often self limiting. It is common for the body to redress the imbalance and return itself to equilibrium without any support.

However, some acute illness’ can be uncomfortable and intense; so, these are the situations where we turn to homeopathic remedies to support you through your discomfort.  With a good home remedy kit, these illness’ can often be dealt with at home as a first aid situation

 Acute Illness – Homeopathy Helps – Causes

Acute illness’ have many different causes from bacterial, viral, changes in the weather, injury via an accident, upset tummies through poor food, over stimulation through alcohol or fright and fear to name a few. As you can imagine, such a range of causes will provoke many different physical reactions from our bodies. In turn, these reactions will need a variety of remedies to deal with each person’s individual reaction. The individual reaction is key; because although ten people have the same illness, they will all express it differently. This leads, potentially, to ten different remedies being used to support people through one illness. 

I have listed a few key acute illness remedies below, but there are many more!

Acute Illness – Homeopathy Helps – Remedies

I have listed ten key remedies that are really useful for a home first aid kit. These are the remedies that you can use to deal with every day family illness. All remedies can be used by the whole family; these remedies cover more general first aid situations.


This is the remedy that everyone knows. Arnica.  I suggest it is a must have for any home first aid kit, it is useful for bruises, shock, trauma, pain, black eyes and jetlag to name a few health issues! As you can see Arnica is great at dealing with body trauma at all levels.


This is an extremely effective remedy for stopping a cold in it’s tracks. You need to take it, at the very first hint of a cold but if you do and repeat it four times in that day you could stop that cold.

Aconite has many other uses, one of the key ones is shock or fright. In these situations, there can be a strong fear of death. Shock comes in many forms, hearing bad news, an accident, seeing an accident or a sudden death.

Arg Nit

This remedy deals with the “what if” factor; when you start to anticipate all the bad things that could happen. This leads to fear and anxiety. I have prescribed it repeatally for people afraid to take their driving test, exams and a fear of flying. Each person has had great results, one lady passed her driving test at the 11th attempt thanks to Arg Nit!


Travel sickness can affect anyone in the family and sometimes all of the family. Having this remedy to hand for long journeys in the car, a different style of travel such as by sea, rail or plane.

Signs to look for include aversion to smell of food, dizziness, restlessness


Puncture wounds from an insect sting, bite, splinter, knife wounds, rose thorns or standing on a nail will be greatly eased with use of this remedy. Symptoms prickling, stinging, itching, redness and some swelling. Wound will feel cold and be better for cold applications. Ledum offers anti tetanus properties so is very useful after bites

Nux Vomica

This is a fabulous remedy for digestive upsets, hangovers, constpation, colds, flu, insomnia and hayfever. It is ideal for the person who needs stumulants to get through the day – a cup of coffee to start, more coffee and sugar mid morning, wine at lunch and so it goes…These are the overworked, pressurised, imaptient and competitive people who just don’t know when to stop


If you have a DIY expert in your house and splinters are a regular event then stock up on Silica! The remedy will expel any foreign object that gets lodged in the body. In fact, anyone who has medical supports should not use this remedy.

 Acute Illness – Homeopathy Helps -Children


Children are so prone to fevers, and Belladonna will support you through that frightening experience. If your child or anyone in the family gets a high fever, red hot skin, flushed face, dilated pupils, glaring eyes, and an excited mental state. The symptoms come on fast and violently. There may be hallicinations, light sensitivity and worse for being touched


An remedy is for teething; this can affect the child’s whole being through disrupted sleep, appetite and bowel movements. In addition, the whole family routine can be disturbed by an irritable, precocious child that no one can settle. The introduction of Chamomilla to the baby can bring peace to the whole household! Chamomilla has a very calming effect and so soothes the child… There is a reason why people drink Chamomile Tea – it’s that same soothing effect!

Other uses for Chamomilla are Colic, Exam Anxiety and Post Viral


When your child is clingy and needy because they are unwell, think Pulsatilla! Symptoms are changeable as are emotions, They don’t like warm stuffy rooms and want fresh air. Discharges are bland, thick and yellow/green. Ideal for colds, earache, coughs, and hayfever