Menopause Treatment

Menopause Treatment

I am going to give you an overview of menopause and menopause treatment. Menopause is a big subject, there are over 30 symptoms associated with this transitional stage of life. The symptoms cover physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Menopause Symptoms

Due to the quantity of symptoms, I have grouped them into similar or related categories. A well-known symptom is hot flushes; the range of which is extensive. Some women get a slight blush of heat or alternatively some become absolutely drenched as a flush soaks their whole body. NB – I have only seen this once! Night sweats can partner hot flushes, some women find they can only sleep under a light duvet even in mid winter. Others will get the occasional sweat at night and for some, they keep a towel by their bed to dry off in the night.

The other extreme is dryness; dry hair, brittle nails, dry eyes, vaginal dryness and even dry mucous membranes. Skin can get vey itchy when it is dry and lacking moisture.

The next common symptom is sleep disturbance. This can lead to poor concentration and memory along with brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, irritability and even depression. All symptoms are related to hormonal shifts and changes but weight gain is more likely if you don’t sleep well

Changes in libido, digestive problems, incontinence, irregular periods and heartbeat can also be experienced. There can be joint pain, headaches, breast pain, muscle tension and osteoporosis.

This is just a small selection of issues that can occur, so it is no wonder we can get a bit fed up and stroppy at this time.

Menopause Treatment and Homeopathy

Homeopathy treats the whole person, as a Homeopath I see your body as one system. All the parts of our body are connected. So, an imbalance in one area of your body may lead to either an excess or imbalance in another part of your body. Using Homeopathic remedies, I will get your body back into a healthy balance.

Your menopause like you is individual. It comes in phases, peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause. Each phase is different in duration and symptoms too. Each woman may experience the same symptoms but their expression can be completely different. Twenty women with hot flushes might get twenty different remedies. This is because Homeopathy looks at the whole body and all of its symptoms.

Which is why a comprehensive approach like Homeopathy can help you have an easier time.

Homeopathic Remedies for Menopause Treatment

Of course, there are key remedies that can help many women.

Sepia helps women who feel irritable and intolerant. Their energy will be low and their mood flat. These are the women who has no libido

Lachesis treats another type of woman, they are fiery, angry, hot and experience lots of flushes. They will be intolerant of anything tight around their necks

Pulsatilla supports women whose emotions are so changeable even they can’t keep up. Often, they are tearful and feel very needy wanting lots of reassurance and consolation

In just these three remedies, you can see significant differences. I use them to demonstrate the sheer scale of symptoms that can be experienced. Which is why it is important to consider getting help. Your menopause is a life changing event, why not make it easier by getting support? I have dealt with my own menopause and many others. I can help you too.