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Coping with Grief

Stages of Grieving

 When you are coping with grief, there are defined stages to the grieving process. This doesn’t mean you will go through them in order. The journey through grief is varied and individual. Typically, you will experience all of the following stages:

 Bargaining is where you say “I will do xxx to make it go away”. Typically, after a funeral when people start to return to their lives you may feel anger. You may find yourself asking “why has this happened?”. Another question might be “Why are people not feeling like I do?” I know I felt “How can they go on with life as if nothing has happened?”



Alternatively, if you are just not ready to cope you may go into denial. You will think “it hasn’t happened” Or you may feel “I don’t accept it, I don’t believe it”

Becoming withdrawn, sad and even depressed is another stage of the grief journey. Eventually, you reach acceptance, “I am at peace with what has happened”

To complicate things, you can go through these stages more than once and in no particular order. Some will go straight to denial then anger and move through bargaining before reaching acceptance. Others will be initially accepting, then find their anger rises or they become depressed. Each journey is different, so you may feel lost and confused.

 Another view of grief

When you are coping with grief, your world feels like a big black hole. This black hole may be encased in a white circle but it is much smaller than the black hole.

As you recover, the black hole gets smaller and the white area expands.  Grief and loss leave their mark and by integrating them into ourselves we can move forward positively

 What I can tell you is


  1. Each journey is different and individual, even for the same person experiencing two different situations
  2. There is no defined period
  3. Emotions will be like riding a rollercoaster, you may experience different stages of the grieving process more than once. It is not a linear process.
  4. It is best to address your emotions rather than ignoring them. I have treated people who have held their losses inside for many years, that burden affected their whole life. Treatment released them and allowed them to live freely and happily.

 Homeopathy and Grief

 There are any number of homeopathic remedies to support you through your grief. In most cases, people need the extra support of talking their feelings through. I have experienced deep grief, so I know the processes that can help you.

As with every condition, there is a homeopathic remedy for everyone. Ten people mourning the same person may need ten different remedies. This is because each expression of grief will be different.

Homeopathic Remedies for Grief

Ignatia is often called the funeral remedy. This is because it supports you through the acute phase of your grief.

Nat Mur is considered the chronic or long term remedy related to Ignatia. So, Nat Mur takes over once the acute phase has finished.

These are two key remedies for grief, but there are many more and there will be one for you.