Homeopathy Supports Your Pregnancy

Homeopathy Supports Your Pregnancy will give you practical advice and support to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Congratulations! A new baby is on its way to you

This means your body is going to experience big changes and some of it may be uncomfortable. I guess every woman dreads morning sickness, and the other symptoms but don’t worry help is at hand

Homeopathy Supports Your Pregnancy details remedies that can make all the difference to your pregnancy

Morning Sickness

Being sick is never a pleasant experience but it can be resolved with the right remedy…I have detailed the symptoms that apply to each remedy


The person needing Bryonia has severe nausea and the slightest movement makes you feel worse. They are prone to headaches, constipation and only wants sips of cold water. They are positively grumpy and prefer to be left alone.

Nux Vomica

This is a great hangover remedy, so makes sense that it works when you feel sick too. Nux patients are hypersensitive to noise, they don’t want it! They experience nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps.


These ladies, like Bryonia really like sips of cold water but they are weepy, emotional and need lots of reassurance. They like to be in fresh air and feel flushed during the nausea. In that perverse way our body works they may crave rich fatty and fried foods even though they make them worse


For a Sepia lady the smell of cooking makes them feel much worse, they have the sensation of an empty feeling in their stomach. This is a remedy for long term nausea.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer constant morning sickness day after day; do not despair there is a remedy to help but it is not sold in the shops. So please contact me, don’t suffer in silence!


Being pregnant can brings uncomfortable symptoms, and so, if morning sickness is not enough; constipation can occur during pregnancy. Common remedies that can help you are:


This lady suffers flatulence, hard stool, or passing stool not being effective

Nux Vomica

In this case constipation alternates with diarrhoea, with stools that are hard and large; there can be an unfinished feeling


Like their mood a Pulsatilla lady will have changeable stools. This remedy has had considerable success at turning a breech baby


Another common symptom women experience is exhaustion; you are creating a new life, that takes energy sometimes too much and you can end up exhausted so consider the following


This is a very effective remedy for hormones, nervous exhaustion comes on suddenly, you feel worse when you get up, the smallest effort, sweating or walking also make you feel worse. Sepia often lose touch with their feminine side and can be very critical, intolerant and irritable or very flat

Calc Carb

Calc ladies are not the most active at the best of times. Calc are often lazy and happy to be at home munching on yummy snacks on the sofa; they can be breathless and dizzy, and worse for mental or physical effort.

Heartburn / Indigestion

This is another pairing of possible uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, remedies to help include:

Nux Vomica

You will have sour belches, pains in stomach, you will feel sore, and bruised. In addition, there can also be sensations of cramping and pressing. Don’t wear tight clothes , you won’t be comfortable and please do not  eat rich food or let yourself get too stressed

Nat Mur

This lady retains the taste of food just eaten; her mouth will have a salty, bitter taste. In addition, she may get painful stomach cramps and violent hiccups

Swollen ankles

Pregnancy can encourage water retention and that leads to puffy swollen ankles.


These ladies have ankles and feet / hands and fingers that become very puffy. Their skin looks full of water, and can often be very red and burning. They are busy, fidgety people who like things their way

Nat Mur

Ladies who need this remedy are closed people who find it hard to express themselves. They keep everything inside and tell you they are ok, so it’s not surprising that they retain water! Generally, they have a desire for salt and drink a lot


Women needing Pulsatilla are the affectionate, clingy, changeable, and moody people who flush easily. Symptoms move around like their moods. It’s a classic hormonal remedy!

Homeopathy Supports Your Pregnancy

When we think of pregnancy we tend to think of the physical symptoms but there are other practical considerations you may like to consider:

For example, have you and your family, including your children discussed the impact of your new addition? Life will change in some cases drastically, in others not so much. I suggest that you visualise your activities and family life with the new baby and consider how your current life will need to change. It’s a good idea to discuss your parental attitudes and make sure any issues are resolved with your partner before your baby arrives

Getting to know baby

It is important to connect with your baby as soon as you feel it moving – at first, it’s like a butterfly fluttering inside you. This will help you form that all important connection from the earliest possible time; try to be aware of its patterns of movement, sleeping and waking. Deepen that connection by talking to your baby throughout the day, try to observe any reactions or movements – that is your first communication with each other!

Don’t be concerned if in the last three months your abdomen changes shape according to baby’s position this is normal

Preparing for your Birth

From month 7 Caulopyllum is a remedy I prescribe for my patients to help them prepare their cervix for the birth

The Birth

Are you scared if so, talk through your fears, do you know the options for all possibilities?

Again, Caulopyllum can be taken on the day alongside Arnica; which gives some pain relief but more importantly it helps with any internal bruising and gets you back on your feet more quickly

So once again, Congratulations! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!