Pre-Conception, Homeopathy and More

Pre-Conception, Homeopathy and More will guide you through my thoughts about preparing to be pregnant. Homeopathy allows you to prepare for your baby even before you are pregnant by ensuring your body is as balanced and healthy as possible.

Preparing for your new baby….

Pre-Conception, Homeopathy and more helps you plan so you create a beautiful baby through a peaceful and healthy pregnancy.

Creating a new life is something precious and amazing so you want to be ready. Before you even start trying to get pregnant, you need to get your mind and body in their best shape.

Pre-Conception and Homeopathy

I recommend that you give yourself six months to prepare your body for getting pregnant. One of the first steps is to start homeopathic treatment, by doing this you give yourself time to deal with any niggling health issues before you become pregnant.

Homeopathy can help you feel balanced and calm, it will help you manage your stress and any health issues you may have. You want your body to be in its best shape before you get pregnant

Homeopathy is a treatment specific to you and your body; that is the beauty of Homeopathy is that it is all about you, so I will identify your remedy to enhance your pre-baby health

Remedies for Pre-Conception

Wanting to be pregnant brings up a multitude of emotions, a few of which I have covered here; but there are many more!


Being pregnant for the first time may be scary so there can be fears around how it will be to be pregnant, what the birth will be like, will you cope as a Mum etc.

If you already have children, there can be fears about doing it all again, coping with another child, work and perhaps if labour wasn’t so easy the birth process might be frightening. Aconite is a good remedy for addressing such fears.

Arg Nit

This is a remedy for dealing with the “what if” factor, this could include questions like “what if I can’t get pregnant”, “how will my other children cope with a new baby”, “how will I cope with a new baby?” or “what about work and money?”


This remedy helps you if you feel overwhelmed emotionally and find yourself being very up and down. It’s a big life changing decision to have a child and this remedy can support you through the emotional rollercoaster

Kali Phos

This remedy is brilliant for Mums who already have children and they are feeling tired or exhausted. Just a few tablets will boost you up


If you have had trouble conceiving in the past, there may be emotional and physical issues that need to be addressed but they need addressing on an individual basis. Homeopathy can also support you through fertility issues


Pre-Conception, Homeopathy and more

I believe you need to assess your diet and ensure you are eating a healthy diet. It is important to eliminate any bad eating habits and junk foods.

Compare your body to your garden; if you want beautiful flowers or vegetables you prepare the soil, remove the weeds, you add feed to nourish the plants plus you water the ground regularly. Check out my blog on hydration to see why drinking enough is important to everyone.

To create a healthy body ready to produce a healthy baby, that means good food, supplements, no bad habits and keep your body hydrated.

To support that further, it’s best to reduce stress in your life, exercise regularly and get good sleep


Alcohol crosses the placenta into baby’s brain very quickly. Sustained alcohol consumption severely damages baby. When we drink alcohol at home, it’s easy to drink more than a measure. Consider that 6 units a day is binge drinking!

The sad impact of too much alcohol during pregnancy is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome –the symptoms are severe developmental and physical changes plus learning/emotional/physical issues

For a healthy pregnancy and baby, it makes sense not drink alcohol or really limit yourself to the occasional glass. Homeopathy can support you if you would find it difficult to give up alcohol – this is one of the steps of the pre-conception stage.


Inhaling a cigarette introduces over 4000 unnecessary chemicals to you and your baby. In addition, it depletes your baby’s immunity and risks you birthing a smaller child. If that is not enough, smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to your baby. Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and birth defects. Homeopathy can support you if you would find it difficult to give up smoking – this is one of the steps of the pre-conception stage.



Drugs can affect baby because they are a foreign substance in their environment. The impact of drugs can be congenital malformations, limited growth and development and toxicity within body tissues.

If you take regular medication, talk to your Doctor about any changes you may need to make while you are pregnant

I work alongside conventional medicine so not anti-medication but I am suggesting that you look at what you take and why. Study the side effects, speak to your GP. Understand the situation for yourself.

Be Happy

You are planning to do the most amazing thing – create a new life so be happy and enjoy it.