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Tips for Male Health

Tips for Male Health will give a basis on which to keep yourself or your man healthy.

The most important of all Tips for Male Health is to talk to someone if you feel unwell, or if you are experiencing low moods or having difficulties you need help with.

Statistics from the National Pharmacy Association identified that men will visit a pharmacy for help 4 times a year compared to 18 by women. In addition, 9 out of 10 men will not trouble anyone with an illness; the sad consequence of this is that men are much more likely to suffer health complications and more serious conditions because they haven’t asked for help.

Homeopathy is for everyone

The majority of my patients are female; for the reason stated above men don’t seek out help. But that doesn’t mean Homeopathy won’t work for men; I have a number of male patients and they respond equally as well as women.

Homeopathy is a treatment that considers you as an individual and takes all of your symptoms into account. By doing this, a picture of you is formed and the remedies chosen reflect what your body needs to get it back into balance.

If you have not tried Homeopathy before, you might like to try a combination remedy first before you dive into a full consultation.



Tips for Male Health – immune support

In these present times, maintaining a healthy immune system is essential. In addition, to the normal health habits I recommend I believe that it is vital to give our bodies additional support at the moment.

Take your Beta Glucans at least once a day, but at the first hint of a cold then increase that to 4 a day and add Aconite 30 which is a brilliant homeopathic remedy for stopping colds in their tracks if you start it quickly. Vitamin D3 is also a good additional immune support against colds combine this with Vitamin C and Zinc.

If you feel unwell, don’t work through it rest. No one is much as we like to pretend otherwise! You will recover quicker the sooner you start to rest.

Homeopathy is used not only to help once you get ill but to keep you well. Many of my patients come with a condition, we sort that out and then they come for regular reviews to ensure they stay healthy.

Practical Health Care

I work on the basis of prevention is better than cure so regular habits that I believe should be encouraged are:


This may be tips for Male health but it applies to everyone; we all need to drink enough water. By this, I don’t mean 10 cups of coffee a day I mean 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day. 

Again, this is not just tips for Male health, we all need to eat well. This means locally produced, in season, ideally organic fruit, vegetables and meat. Limit or eradicate sugar and processed foods from your diet.

With the best will in the world, we don’t always achieve our food goals so to support your body take a good range of supplements.

A basic supplement plan would be Beta Glucans to support immunity, a good multi vitamin to give you broad spectrum cover, a probiotic to support good gut health, fish oils or vegan alternatives to provide the essential fatty acids we need for brain health and support against inflammation.

Work / Life Balance

You work hard to support and provide for yourself and your family. To enable you to do this; you need the counter balance of time to relax, time to be with family and friends and time for you and your hobbies and interests. I find in my homeopathic practice that this is something I have to remind people of on a regular basis.

I remind people of the rule of diminishing returns; if you keep pushing on with something when you are tired, it takes longer because you are just not working as efficiently. I can apply this to any area of my life, if I am struggling to find the right solution for a patient then best thing I can do is walk away and come back to it fresh. This is what I suggesting to everyone – take those breaks and come back refreshed and revitalised.

So please, create a good work / life balance and remember that life is for living and enjoy it

Finally… Have regular health checks

There are various tests you can and should have

Annual tests include

Blood sugar – keep it low to prevent cardiovascular issues, diabetes, obesity, kidney problems and erectile dysfunction

PSA – Prostate cancer test, this condition is becoming increasingly common and frequently goes undetected for too long. Regular checks lead to much more positive outcomes

Skin – get your skin checked for new moles or growths and make sure you use sun cream

Colonscopy tests come in later in life from 50 years of age unless there is a family history. Better still eat lean protein rather than products high in animal fat

Regular Blood Pressure checks can help prevent strokes

Regular Cholesterol checks reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems

TSH – get it checked if you experience weight gain, exhaustion, fatigue or lethargy

Lung Screening – speaks for itself

Liver Enzyme Test – men are more likely to drink more alcohol than women so detecting any imbalances sooner rather than later makes sense.

So I hope this has encouraged you to look after yourself, please contact me if you need help.