Stress symptoms and how homeopathy helps
Stress symptoms and how homeopathy helps

Stress – Symptoms and How Homeopathy Helps

Stress – Symptoms and How Homeopathy Helps is a subject close to my heart. In my practice as a Homeopath over the last twenty years my practice has been overwehelmingly dominated by stressed people seeking help. I am delighted to tell you that Homeopathy helps you deal with stress very well

Stress – Definition

To address the question what is Stress – symptoms and how Homeopathy Helps we need to define what stress is. Stress is our body’s response to pressure. This could be the unexpected, the overload, fear, something new or feeling out of control plus many more factors.

Homeopaths view a stressed body as one that is expressing dis-ease, it is an uncomfortable body, not one that is at ease. My approach as a Homeopath is to get the body back to balance. Balance is known as Homeostasis – the self regulating processes our bodies go through to maintain balance and the ability to work to optimal performance. Hence the Homeo of Homeopathy….

Stress – Symptoms will include but are not exclusive to:

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and panic attacks. Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, tension throughout the body, sleep issues, hormonal imbalances, heart and circulatory problems, lack of libido and other sexual issues, weakened immune system, high blood pressure, and blood sugar issues to name a few… Stress invariably exacerabates any symptom we are experiencing so hayfever may become allergic rhinitis or a sweet tooth may become an addiction to sugary foods. As our immune system is weakened by or stress we become more sensitive to anything in our environment. This is why allergies can get so much worse without apparent explanation.

Stress – Symptoms – what is happening in your body

When our body senses danger, our hypothalmus stimulates the adrenal gland and cortisol secretion. If all goes to plan and the danger passes then additonal adrenaline and cortisol production will stop. This is the caveman running away from the lion scenario.

However, in these busy crazy times that we live this does not always happen; although we are not running away from lions now, we lead such busy lives that we don’t switch off. This in turn leaves us in constant overdrive, meaning that our endocrine system will be put under more strain, we risk symptoms like

exhaustion of our adrenal glands – adrenal fatigue

other endocrine glands will try and balance things out but if the stress is sustained then there is the possibility of thyroid problems, unstable insulin levels and other important responses like our histimine levels may be disturbed too

If that’s not enough we can succumb to overeating sugary and processed foods – this in turn can lead to obesity, diabetes, stomach and heart problems

Unsurprisingly, our digestive system gets disrupted leading to ibs, food intolerances or allergies, indigestion and so on

Our hearts are put under strain and we risk heart attacks, angina, strokes and blood pressure issues

Skin reacts throwing out eczema, psorasis or allergic responses

Minds  become unsettled, depression, anxiety, mood swings and panic attacks are all related to stress

This is just a flavour of the imbalances that can occur…

Stress – your body warns you

Stress is a very individual thing; what stresses one person is manna from heaven to another… It’s complexity is well suited to the Homeopathic approach which focuses on the individual. Even if ten people have the same symptoms, homeopathically because they are assessed holistically they may all receive different remedies. Homeopaths look at the whole person not one set of symptoms.

The symptoms of stress are your body’s cry for help, it is waving a red flag and asking you to take notice. What I observe both personally and in my patients is this…

You will get a nudge from your body, perhaps a headache. If you take pills and carry on, the body will try again and maybe create symptoms somewhere else in your body or maybe intensify the headache to a migraine that puts you flat on your back for two days.

The illness’ that force you to stop are the ones you really can’t ignore your body is now screaming for help. A migraine that puts you to bed is one example, a fall where you really hurt yourself, a stomach bug that means you can’t leave the house are others. I am sure you get the picture and can identify your own body’s messages.

Stress -Symptoms and How Homeopathy Helps

So, you have heard your body… what to do now? Listen and get help…

As a Homeopath, I work with you to identify the areas in your life that could be causing your stress. Recognising the source of the stress is key and then working to change your response is the vital next stage. Like the stress itself, the solutions can be so different for each person because the causes are so different for each person.

To give you examples of what we may discuss it could be

lifestyle changes, considering different work options, getting a better understanding of your relationship dynamic and how that is affecting you, or it could be diet which is a common area that needs attention but often simple changes can make an enormous difference.

Alongside establishing the causes of the stress in your life; Homeopathic remedies play a major part in stress relief, they support you through physical and mental/emotional changes whilst helping the body return to that healthy homeostatic balance.

Why do we get Stressed?

This is the big question – Why do we get stressed?  I believe our attitudes are an essential part of the story – we all know people who glide along like a swan elegantly navigating life seemingly without a care in the world. Equally, we all know and perhaps recognise the duck paddling like fury just to keep up…

There are those of us who are worryworts and those who just don’t anticipate any issues and so don’t encounter them. Attitudes are formed through family, friends and life experiences. They can be changed, the nature of human beings is to grow and develop by embracing change we can grow into our most authentic selves.

Expectations of ourselves and of others are a massive stress for some of us. The should word comes into play… I should be able to …  Mother says I should do this… My Friend says I should help her… Hubby says I should have done this…The kids say I should help them with their homework… Social Media says I should look immaculate, weigh 9 stone, always finish everything I start and have time to go on holiday every month whilst surviving on a celery stick a day

Life is busy and demanding, despite all the time saving devices we all seem to run around like headless chickens chasing our tails whilst berating ourselves for what we haven’t done. We have forgotten how to say NO. A simple word but it can be life changing, why not try it for a day?

The many faces of stress

Stress presents itself in many ways, the most obvious stress people think of is the angry, hostile person.

But there are many others…

The Comfort Eater that slowly gets bigger and bigger as they eat to bury the feelings they just can’t express

Or The Silent One who broods quietly in the corner

Next we have The Comic who makes everyone laugh and puts up a good front so you don’t see their tears

An alternative to the Comic is The Chatterbox who talks constantly about anything rather than address their feelings

There are the High Achiever types who push on and on, hitting more targets, getting yet another promotion

A different approach comes from The Rescuer who looks to solve everyone else’s problems rather than their own

I have met all of these and more, do you know them yourself or are you one of these?

I hope you now understand Stress – Symptoms and how Homeopathy Helps


Getting Started


Dr Reckeweg Remedies

Dr Reckeweg Remedies offer you broad spectrum, combination remedies that are well tolerated by the body.These preparations are very useful when you need help quickly.

My suggestions include:

R14 Insomnia, nervousness – not getting quality sleep is enough to cloud our judgement and make decision making so much harder – inability to make decisions is a classic sign of stress

R22 Nervous Disorders for when you feel anxious, irritable or nervous

R184 Exhaustion, stress, mild depression works when you have pushed too hard and you are fed up and exhausted

V-C15 Stress effects tonic – calmer – this tonic is used for soothing anxious and nervous feelings

V-C15F Stress effects tonic – stimulant – this tonic gives a boost when needed


The Whole Picture

As I have explained you need to get to the root cause of your stress; otherwise you just end up managing it and not resolving it. Usually, it takes time and help from someone like me to get you through challenging times.  Please contact me to arrange your first consultation and let’s get you on the way to a more stress free and balanced life