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Allergies – How to use Homeopathy

Allergies – How to use Homeopathy – this is a subject I get asked about alot. Homeopathy is a great support for anyone experiencing allergy symptoms. I have treated many patients over the years with great results and relief for the patients. I have given you some background information so you are more informed about allergies and then I talk about the remedies that can help.

Allergies – Definition

When we have an instant response to contact with a particular substance this is referred to as an allergic reaction. These reactions can be local and just affect a small area or they can be body wide. Their impact can be severe and life threatening down to mildly irritating.

Allergies – Symptoms will include but are not exclusive to:

Sneezing, runny or blocked nose, diarrhoea or constipation, vomiting or nausea, headaches, rashes, hay fever, coughing or breathing difficulties, watery eyes, asthma or eczema

Allergies – How to use Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a gentle, sustainable and natural form of treatment. It is based on a number of principles including like cures like, using minimum dose to stimulate the immune system and treating the totality of symptoms

As a Homeopath I work on keeping your body in balance, any illness including allergies are a sign the body is out of balance.

With allergies the symptoms are acute and very uncomfortable so you will be looking for a quick solution. I deal with allergies on two levels firstly, getting you the relief you need. Then together we work deeper during a homeopathic consultation and we find the causes of your allergies. Once we have done this we can work on re-balancing your body so you become less vulnerable to allergies in the future.

Treating you as an individual

The joy of using Homeopathy is that we can get very specific for each person so it doesn’t have to be a one size fits all solution. Your allergy treatment can be unique to you. Remember that with hay fever for example, each year may be different because your allergen may grow more strongly one year than the next. Perhaps one year your immune system is stronger than another so you cope better with the allergen. You may even need different remedies at different stages of the year depending on what you react to.

Homeopathic Consultations- the next stage

This is the second part of the Allergies – How do I use Homoepathy quesstion. Homeopathic Consultations allow us to go deeper and find the cause of your allergy such as stress. There are many reasons why an allergy has  activated. Dealing with the cause of your allergy will need a deeper look at what is going on in your life. A Homeopathic consultation takes you through every aspect of your life, so we can identify the areas where your body needs support. As a Homeopath I do not see you as a collection of individual symptoms but as a whole, unique person who needs a treatment tailored specifically to them. I have detailed the many reasons we get allergies so you can see clearly that an individual approach is really important.

Why do we get Allergies?

Genetics – if one of your parents has an allergy you have a 25% chance of having some expression of that in your body. If both your parents have allergies you have a 50% chance of expressing an allergy.

Within my practice I find that families may develop related but different symptoms in each generation. For example, hay fever in mother may present as asthma in the child, who then becomes a parent and the grandchild presents with eczema.

Immunity – our immune system is our key protector and is working constantly to defend us against any perceived threat from bacteria, viruses and germs. When we become ill our immunity can be depleted leaving us vulnerable to attack.

Stress – Everyone recognises stress in their lives, but are you aware that stress impacts our immunity and leaves us exposed to producing more histamine which ultimately can provoke allergic reactions?

Environment – our body is our environment. What we put into it can change its balance quickly and sometimes negatively. Medication such as antibiotics whilst sometimes necessary can destroy our normal gut bacteria so this is why I suggest a course of probiotics alongside your antibiotic treatment.

Our environment can also be affected by hygiene issues, the food we eat, the lifestyle we lead, the water we do or don’t drink, exercise we do and of course the toxins we are exposed to

Emotions – have you ever noticed when you are irritated by something or someone that you get nasal symptoms? It is as if someone is getting up your nose! You may laugh but I see these correlations in my practice all the time. The body expresses the mind very clearly sometimes

External causes of Allergies include:

  1. Substances that we touch that cause a reaction on our skin
  2. Insect bites and stings can cause pain and inflammation
  3. Pollen can be inhaled along with perfumes, dust and household substances
  4. Other allergens around the home include – cleaning products, skincare products, latex, mould, hair dye, cosmetics and medication
  5. Out and about you may encounter animal fur, fumes from cars or factories, grass, to name but a few
  6. Foods can also cause varying levels of reaction but that is a separate subject not covered here

Levels of Allergic Reaction

In addition to causes of allergies, we also have to consider the level of allergic reaction. This guides me as a Homeopath as to the strength of remedy that I need to give you. I have listed below the levels of allergic reaction:

Anaphylaxis – life threatening – closure of airways, obstructed breathing, swollen lips, tongue or other body parts. Do not ignore these symptoms!

Allergy – immediate reaction

Sensitivity – may take a few hours to express

Intolerance – may produce unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms which may not appear for a day or two after contact with the allergen

This has given you an overview of allergies, their causes, symptoms and homeopathic treatment. If you need further information please contact me using the button below