S.A.D Homeopathy helps

S.A.D Homeopathy helps

Do you have S.A.D? S.A.D or the winter blues have a profound effect on your life. Relax, because S.A.D Homeopathy helps! Cast your mind back to other winters, were you low or fed up only to jump back into life in the spring? If so, that is classic S.A.D. The condition is limited to the darker months.

One of the challenges with S.A.D is that it can appear at different times each year. When it first appears, you may be diagnosed with depression because you can feel really down in the dumps.

The S.A.D Experience

My first experience of S.A.D was a number of years ago, in September. One of our regulars came into the shop and commented on the weather; my reply was flat and dull. I heard my own voice and I sounded so miserable and monotone.

Luckily for me, I knew about S.A.D and that for S.A.D Homeopathy helps. So I started taking the homeopathic remedy Sepia. This is a fabulous remedy, that many of my patients swear by. It is their winter rescue! It is also an excellent remedy for balancing hormones, so if you feel grumpy, irritable and flat this could be the solution for you.

A week later, we had a similiar conversation and I responded so differently. I suggested that he enjoy the seasons and the variety that they offer. This confirmed that Sepia did help me.

S.A.D Homeopathy helps – Remedies that help

Aurum – this person is easily considered depressed and thoroughly fed up. These patients throw themselves into things and focus on nothing else. They may therefore, retreat into a project and not be seen during the winter. With a little stimulation from Aurum they can become more balanced and social

Phosphorous are the outgoing and lively people whose batteries appear drained in the winter. This can be switched around with a little socialising, fun with friends and some sun.

Rhus Tox people find the damp, cold and wet conditions hard to bear, it aggravates all of their physical aches and pains making them restless and agitated. The big clue to Rhus Tox is the first movement is hard but as they continue to move it becomes easier

The Symptoms of S.A.D

Life is a drag and it’s a huge effort to get through the day. You just want to stay in bed because then you don’t have to interact with anyone; you really don’t want to see people. People take SO much effort and you feel SO tired…You experience mood swings; you lose your joie de vivre. Life is an effort and as I said your voice is flat and monotone.

A lack of motivation is fed by no energy but you push through and get things done. You need energy so you eat high carb / sugar foods to get a spurt of energy, then you crash leading to more sugar and carbs. This leads to a vicious cycle of highs and lows which is even more exhausting. With all this rollercoasting of energy levels; concentration is an issue and you can experience anxiety or panic attacks.

The seasonality of this condition makes it hard to diagnose. A pattern has to be established and take will take a minimum of two seasons. Research is ongoing and there are various theories relating to causes.

What we know about S.A.D

What we know is that light is very important and integral to a number of body functions including

  • Sleep
  • Libido
  • Mood
  • Temperature
  • Appetite

How to help yourself with S.A.D

My tips to manage S.A.D start with: choose a good homeopathic remedy, if your symptoms don’t match the ones described don’t worry there will be one that does. Eat well; because a healthy diet is the basis of good health. Like a computer if you put junk in you will get junk out; our bodies are no different.

Exercise increases endorphins and serotonin those important feel good factors. A winter walk in the sunshine allows you to see different aspects of nature and heal yourself too.

Serotonin levels increase if you meditate regularly; as does being kind to others. Kindness is a triple whammy, you get a kick of serotonin, the person you are kind to does too and anyone witnessing your kindness shares the experience as well.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is a supplement with many benefits; in this case it too increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone that is created in the gut from the amino acid tryptophan. Eat poultry and meat to add more tryptophan to your diet. During the summer ensure you get your sunshine fix. Vitamin D3 is fat soluble so it stores in the body

Winter Warmers

Get out into the woods, enjoy the autumn colours and collect pine cones and holly to make some beautiful Christmas decorations.

Plan ahead and get those bulbs in the ground for a colourful and cheerful springtime display. Nothing inspires me more than a beautiful bright colourful display to welcome in spring.

Use some diffusers and oil burners and burn some uplifting oils to waft around your home. Grapefruit is my personal favourite; I find it very uplifting.

Stress needs to be avoided by everyone who wants to stay healthy and well, but it’s a further burden if you already feel down in the dumps. Look at what is stressing you and delegate, delete or deal with whatever the problem is. Treat yourself to a warming hot drink snuggled up by a fire.

Plan ahead to spring and summer activities, create a vision board of plans for the new year.