feeling lost and confused effects of the pandemic

Feeling lost and confused?

As a Homeopath I speak to lots of people and what I hear is that people are feeling lost and confused and they don’t know what’s wrong. What people are experiencing is something they can’t identify.

When we are feeling lost and confused, most people are defining it as stress or anxiety. For some this is true; we have lived through exceptional times. Many people are feeling exhausted and debilitated and there is an indefinable something that they can’t figure out.

What I believe is that the indefinable thing is loss and we have experienced loss in so many ways. I am writing about this because perhaps we do not recognise it as loss because we are all in the same boat and that theres is always someone worse off than ourselves.

The word loss is strongly associated with grief and bereavement and it is of course an expression of bereavement. However, loss comes in many forms. Take some time to think back over the pandemic…what have you lost?

Things we have lost include:

Freedom to go where we want when we want

Time with family and friends

Many special occasions that can’t be repeated: such as births, first days at nursery, school, universityand work. Then there are the lost celebrations like Engagements, Weddings and Special family events

 Connections and Time

Although many community connections have strengthened, some connections have not been sustained. Some friendships have not survived as some people have changed during the pandemic. Many people became very insular and didn’t reach out as they may have done before.  Time – we will never get this time back to live again.

 The ability to grieve

The ability to grieve. Anyone who experienced bereavement during the pandemic was deprived of the opportunity to go through the normal grieving processes due to the imposed restrictions. This further compounds the sense of loss and makes recovery much harder.

All of the above and much more come under the banner of loss and I believe it is important that we acknowledge that as we move forward. Carrying unacknowledged loss and grief is not good for our health.

 The signs that you may be experiencing this kind of loss

  • Sleep seems impossible you just toss and turn
  • Nothing delights you. You don’t respond to anything
  • Irritation sets in at the slightest thing
  • Bursts of anger are directed at anyone or small issues
  • You cry at the drop of a hat or You don’t cry at all
  • Exhaustion becomes a way of life
  • Lots of annoying health issues appear
  • A project absorbs you to the exclusion of all else – it allows to avoid what is really going on
  • Your moods are changeable and unpredictable
  • Those around complain they don’t know who you are – you don’t react as you would normally

Grief and loss are complicated emotions which is why we can be feeling lost and confused. For some of us, these losses will be the first we experience and if you are in this position you will feel lost and confused. I have had a lot of personal experience of these emotions and I have helped many people through their journey of grief and loss.