mental health and well-being

Mental health and well-being

Maintaining good mental health and well-being is vital to all of us. I want to look specifically at mental health issues, even the strongest among us have met challenges during life.

I have summarised some ideas that I hope will help you navigate your way through these challenging times.

It is very important to say IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE ASK FOR IT.

There are times in everyone’s life when we need a helping hand so, please just talk to someone and get the help you need.

You Are Enough

Remember we are all unique and don’t compare your responses to anyone else. Whatever you are feeling is OK. You are perfect just the way you are. The most fabulous thing about each of us is that we are all our own individual people there is no one on this earth that is quite like you! Celebrate how special you are.


Good mental health and well-being is individual what works for one person may not work for someone else. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate within your daily routine;  try to do something that gives you real joy and pleasure

Do you write a gratitude journal? I was prompted to do this when I felt very low. At first it was so hard… my entries started with the sun rose today. But over time my list went from struggling to find 3 things to write to a full page and more of things I was just so grateful for.

Have a happy box… a few years ago I was introduced to this brilliant idea. Each time something good happens write it on a bit of paper and put it in a box. On New Year’s Eve open that box and read through all of those pieces of paper, I promise you there will be things you had forgotten and it will make you feel great!

Why not try something new? A new hobby, going to a different place, eating a different food, new experiences are good for us and shake us out of our comfort zones. When we receive new stimulation, we become more creative and inspired – who knows where that may lead….

Do you know what happens when you do something nice for someone else? The gift of kindness raises our feel-good chemicals and you actually get as much from the positive feelings as the person who receives your act of kindness.


Saying NO is a challenge for some people, just know that it is OK to say no. If this is something you struggle for you let me explain why I suggest it. Being truthful is healthier for you than just putting up and shutting up because otherwise you risk storing negative emotions and these eventually turn into illness if not resolved.

Some days just don’t go to plan, they just don’t pan out… TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY. Don’t let one day spoil your week

If you have any health concerns, I would be happy to help you. In the meantime, I hope this article has given you food for thought.

Local Support

I put a link to Mind UK in my first paragraph, but if you live in Cornwall here are some local links

Welcome to Cornwall Mind

Urgent Help