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My Self Care Tips

My mantra to everyone is put yourself first on the list; because if you don’t look after you how can you look after anyone else? I am going to remind you about the importance of self care and I will give you some top tips on how to practice good self care.


The Pandemic of 2020 – 2022

Recent years have been challenging years for everyone. Confusion, uncertainty and fear have dominated our lives. Stressful lives and circumstances impact our health sometimes dramatically.This is why self care is essential for everyone.

I offer you Self Care Tips – a very basic list, really just common sense; but sometimes that goes out of the window in times of stress. Here is my reminder to you of the important self care basics.


Kindness to yourself and others just makes life so much better and isn’t that what we all want?. We are all doing our best in very trying circumstances; try to remember you don’t know what is going on for the other person. They could be really upset or feeling anxious or unwell; these feelings can make us less considerate to others. If you lose the plot, don’t beat yourself up choose to take some time out, ground and centre yourself and start again.

Did you know that receiving, giving or witnessing an act of kindness increases serotonin levels for all involved. Serotonin is our feel good supporter so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Eating Well

Why not be kind to your body? Eat well. Any system always performs better if it has the right input; your body needs good food to support you in the best way it can. The right fuel gives you energy, helps you maintain steady blood sugar levels and sustains you through your day. Eat a balance of vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrate.

It is ironic that self care and positive mental health often go out of the window when we are unhappy or stressed. How many times have you reached for a chocolate bar, pizza or glass of wine when you feel unhappy? This kind of eating and drinking is not good for us and yet it is a common response for many of us.

Alongside eating well ensure that you stay properly hydrated. Whatever the time of year we all need to stay properly hydrated so ensure that you are drinking at least 1.5- 2 litres of water a day. Dehydration can cause a multitude of health issues.

Get Enough Sleep

Another way of being kind to your body is to get enough sleep makes such sense. Maintaining a good sleep routine really helps – if you drift into watching box sets on TV till 3 o clock in the morning you will disrupt your sleep pattern. A lack of sleep feels like the equilvalent to torture to me so why torture yourself?

Body and Mind Maintenance

Please don’t wait until you are ill before you seek help; good self care means making your health a priority stay well rather than rush to an expert when you are ill. Homeopathy is a fabulous therapy for helping you to maintain good health; you may only need an appointment every few months to keep yourself well. When you look after others, you must put yourself first. Afterall, if you don’t look after yourself, who will and how can you look after anyone else?


Find a relaxation technique that works for you. Just practice deep breathing for 5 minutes at a time; it is incredibly relaxing especially when you need to calm yourself down. Why not try meditation or yoga? Take a walk on the beach or in the countryside – there’s something for everyone find the one that works for you.

Meditation and breathwork support us mentally and physically. This makes their practice so important for your self care and positive mental health.

Do some exercise. It is so easy to sit on the sofa but it’s not great for your body or your mind. Movement stimulates our body and prevents us from getting stuck in a rut mentally and physically. I know when I feel stagnant and lacking inspiration it’s because I haven’t been moving enough. Exercise could be dog walking, dancing in the kitchen, going for a run, doing an on line or live exercise class we have so many options so let’s keep moving!

Being outdoors is so good for us, we get some fresh air, we see other people and we give ourselves another perspective beyond the four walls of home.


Have you found some new hobbies?. This has been a brilliant time to try new things or return to those passions that got lost along the way?. What creative activity are you doing? Painting? Writing? Gardening? Sewing? Woodwork?. Doing something creative stimulates our brains and is a wondeful counterbalance to the mental processes we use on the computer or in our workplaces.

Communication with other people is vital; no person is an island we all need connection. Have you caught up with old friends that you were too busy to see?. How about neighbours and those close at hand? . In times when hugs are limited to those closest to us a phone call can mean so much to someone living alone.

Routine provides us with a structure. It’s easy to lose the plot if you just drift through the days. At the beginning of lockdown I know I started out very determined to have a routine and somewhere during lockdown I lost it. Whilst I am not advocating a strict timetable, having some key timings or activities in each day gives you some structure. In between the planned activities, I do encourage you to include down time when you do just allow yourself to be!

What works for you?

My self care tips list is general, take some time to think about those things that really float your boat… I love a relaxing bath, I love listening to the waves on the beach and reading a really good book. These are my favourite self care activities,  what are yours? Take some time to think about those things that you love but haven’t done for a while; then write a list and start doing them!