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Hello, welcome as  you are here, it is likely that you are searching for help. Fabulous! I love to help people and I will help you to achieve your best health. I have worked in the health industry and as a Homeopath for 20 years. We will work together to identify where changes are needed; this will give me the information I need to decide how to help you.

I will help you to achieve your best health

Here are some of things we will consider

Achieving a good work / life balance

ensures that you minimise stress, anxiety and many other health symptoms. I help you If this area of your life is not working, by finding ways to create a healthier and more balanced approach.


are cornerstones of our lives; so maintaining and nurturing loving, honest and supportive relationships is vital for us. Your family, partner, friends, work colleagues and broader community are all an essential part of your life. Upsets in any of these areas can lead to emotional distress, loneliness, resentment and other negative feelings and ultimately, dis-ease.

Eating a healthy diet

enables us to have the energy to enjoy our lives. We are what we eat. Good food is the fuel for a healthy life; bad food just makes you lethargic, affects your digestion, increases cravings, increases your weight, need I say more?


is vital to keeping our bodies supple and mobile. It increases the feel good endorphins and our self confidence. If we feel fit we have more energy and enthusiasm for life and our recovery from illness is easier and quicker. Check out my blog on the health benefits of water and staying hydrated


is essential for your mental and physical well-being. Being sleep deprived can lead to a lack of concentration, poor co-ordination and memory right through to obesity and heart problems. If you feel exhausted in winter check out my blog on S.A.D

Use your creativity

because using both sides of our brains balances our mental capabilities and it is great fun

Self Care

is a priority because you can’t look after others if you are exhausted. It is important to put yourself first on the list!

This is particularly important when you are feeling lost and confused because you are experiencing a loss or bereavement in your life. If this is you please read my blog Feeling Lost and Confused – the effects of the pandemic

“Karen you are the reason I am so well and happy!”

D.J – Long term patient

Watch this short video from 4 Homeopathy for an understanding of how I can help

Tried Everything Else Try Homeopathy

I will help you to achieve your best health because I believe everyone deserves to feel as well as they can. Perhaps you may be looking for a different approach, you have possibly tried other treatments but now you want to try something new.

As a Homeopath I will consider all aspects of your health right from your birth through to where you are today. We each respond to life differently and therefore, our immune responses vary too. Homeopathy allows me to take this into consideration and it allows me to treat you as the unique individual you are. There really is only one you.

You may be familiar with Homeopathy and just need some extra help so you will know that Homeopathy offers you a complete and gentle, sustainable approach to your health concerns.

Homeopathy is for everyone

I will help you to achieve your best health by identifying any areas of your health or life that are not working well. This is important because DIS-EASE can be caused by any imbalance you experience.

These imbalances or dis-ease can be experienced as a first aid emergency, an acute, short term condition,  or ongoing, longer term conditions

Whatever your condition and whatever your age Homeopathy can offer support.

Tried everything else try homeopathy

“When I share how I feel you I know you give me a remedy that will help”

A.B – Long term patient

Homeopathy is a natural, sustainable and gentle medicine

Homeopathy is natural and sustainable

I chose Homeopathy because it is a natural, sustainable and gentle treatment for you and the earth.

For me and many patients it is important to have treatments that are non toxic, renewable and non polluting to our environment because we all know how important it is to protect our planet and it’s resources

Wouldn’t you prefer medication that doesn’t disrupt the food chain, soil or waterways? Millions of people worldwide agree with me and have been helped by Homeopathy; why not join them?


“I am very aware of the impact of what I put in my body, homeopathy suits me “

R.A – May 2021

Why choose me?

I will help you to achieve your best health by using my combined skills to find the right solution for you.  This means I use Homeopathy in conjunction with my experience of different areas of holistic healthcare including nutrition and meditation.

As an example good gut health is a must to achieve your best health. I have suffered many gut issues through eating the wrong foods. Using my experience, I can guide you through identifying what is affecting you, the changes you need to make and how to create those changes. Water is another component of a healthy diet, so monitor how much you drink each day, it could make a big difference.

Being a Homeopath gives me the luxury of time so I can hear your story and help you identify what needs to change; this allows me to help you achieve your best health.

Karen Runacres Krysalis Wellbeing

“I have the so needed support and relief straight away.”


Are you ready for your best health

Are you ready for your best health?

Good self care is taking responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Discovering homeopathy was a gift for me and I would love to share that with you. I feel this way because using homeopathic remedies has made significant, life enhancing changes to my life; I want to share this special gift with as many people as possible because we all deserve to feel as well as we can.



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