Karen Runacres

My name is Karen and as a Homoeopath I can help you to feel well and lead a healthy lifestyle. I give personal and practical patient care that is tailored to your individual needs. I offer homeopathic remedies as well as advice on vitamins plus general well-being advice. I can support you to make positive changes that will allow you to feel healthier and more energised.

Well-being is central to feeling healthy and happy and it is influenced by your diet, illness, your job, your lifestyle, your relationships, your family, your home and many other factors. If you have issues relating to any of these things it is my experience that you are not at ease with yourself and ultimately, your body will communicate this to you as disease. 

The common term for not being at ease is 'I am stressed'. Stress is defined as:  'A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances'.

Busy ClerkThere are very few people that have not experienced stress and it is fair to say that stress is a key contributor to illness today; sadly, it has become so integrated into our world many of us do not even recognise stress or its impact on our health. However, it is one way that our bodies let us know that all is not well so it is a very useful tool.

If we do not release stress it is stored in the body until we are able to deal with it; often we do not deal with it and this is when stress will reveal itself on a physical level through symptoms we experience.

Some examples of stress symptoms are:

Changes in sleep patterns, finding it hard to relax, nervous habits, inability to concentrate, loss of sense of humour, feeling anxious and worried, finding it hard to make decisions, moodiness, feeling lonely, not eating well, drinking alcohol to excess or behavioural changes.

This may then lead to symptoms like:

Anxiety, phobias, fear, OCD, allergies, hay fever, headaches, migraines, hormone problems, PMT, menopause symptoms, immune system problems, digestive problems, asthma, eczema, and so the list goes on, 

I love to work with people and help them to reduce their stress levels, anxieties and health issues because when you can do that you lead a happier and healthier life.

I have experienced many stresses in my life and I feel that this enables me to offer you heartfelt experience of the situations you are dealing with and it allows me to offer you relevant and useful support to deal with your situation.





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